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[VIC] Repairable write off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by supernatural_18, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys,
    Have done a quick search but brought up nothing conclusive.

    In victoria, if a bike is claimed a REPAIRABLE (not stat) write off,
    does it have ANY frame damage? (Main OR sub-frame)

    I understand cosmetics, tank, forks etc etc will be stuffed


  2. It may ..
    A repairable write-off is usually the status given to a vehicle which, although is repairable, the costs out-weigh the value put on it by an insurance company.
    There is NO guarrantee the frame/sub-frame is intact.
  3. Within the last few months any frame damage should have been classified as non-repairable statutory writeoff, but before that it was up to the individual assessor to decide whether frame damage was repairable and/or economically viable.

    EDIT: and there is no guarantee that there is not some hidden bending/twisting or breaking of the frame where the assessor couldn't see it. Often that sort of thing is not visible until components are removed.
  4. Yup, there's no guarantee about the amount or type of damage. Recently I bought half a BMW that was a "repairable write off" from a guy making one bike out of two. Both engine and gearbox casings were badly broken since the bike had been side swiped, but the front frame section that held the front forks on (where the ID plate is) was OK. The other bike (that was a stat write off) was in sooooo much better condition! (well, at least it wasn't about to break in two!)

    Thankfully, all the bits I wanted was there, and then some (well, I don't need a complete engine or complete gearbox)!


  5. A few years ago I spoke with the guys at a bike shop about a VFR800 they had there awaiting insurance assessment. Apparently in even modest accidents the seat subframe would snap at the frame and as it was a cast unit the insurer would write it off rather than have to buy a whole new frame. These bikes were then auctioned, the mounts alloy welded and onsold again.

    I think bargain hunters any crashed bike would want to be cheap as chips to make it worthwhile.

  6. Thanks alot guys!