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[Vic] Rego suspended, I am not happy !!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Blue14, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. A month ago i got a letter from Vic Rds saying they hadnt received the RWC and transfer fees for the scooter, and if they didnt have it by end of march they would suspend rego.. :shock:

    I rang Scoota City who i bought the scooter off and they said it would be fixed. A week later i check with Vic Rds but it still wasnt fixed so i advise SC again, and this time they tell me there was a problem and it was being fixed right then. Well i think that will be it, all sorted..

    Until today, i received a letter from Vic Rds saying i failed to comply with there request, and the rego is suspended.. :shock:

    Great hey, isnt my responsibility to do it, its the dealer i bought it off. Don't they do this shit every day ?? So nowi have to go and see SC and get it sorted, while in the mean time i have an unregistered bike..

    I can tell you i am not happy with whats happened, its a joke. :evil:
  2. bastards!
    i would be just as grumpy :evil:
  3. That really sucks Paul! I hope you go down there and give them what for :evil:
  4. Oh there is a good chance someone will be pleading for calmness.. and it wont be me :shock:
  5. That seriously is bad service... hopefully they fix it up quick smart!
  6. Demand that they refund your money for the scooter and buy on else where!
  7. Unfortunately, this is not unusual.

    We received a similar first letter from Vicroads about a car we had purchased from a dealer. Luckily for us, they actually followed it up and we didn't receive the second. The excuse we got was something to do with 'slipped between the cracks or something similar' ????

    Anyways, give them an ear full regarding your thoughts on the situation :)
  8. geeze paul, you must be pissed!!!
    id be giving them a blast and a half. :evil:
  9. WTH!!?? Clearly not fixed, and they have a responsibility to get it done.

    Dang, what's it take to get things sorted?!?!?
    Hope they sort it out soon, but from the looks of things, they'd need you to give them hell first, which is a shame.
  10. Oh they will cop it Es.. I am not happy i can assure you.. :evil:
  11. Hmm..

    Piss poor.. :roll:

    They'll have to get you another RWC?

    but then again Paul, just so not to mislead anyone into thinking you
    were in dire straits, tell em how many other f*cken bikes you got in
    the garage :LOL:
  12. and that aint the worst of it...
    god kills a kitten everytime someone buys a scooter :(
  13. Malakas.

    I think you'll find that they are in breach of their LMCT licence.
    A call to Consumer Affairs is in order.

    Then again, if you want to rough some people up, call me :p
  14. Turn up on the 14, ride through the door and right up to the desk. Lift the tinted visor, look into the eyes of the salesgeek and with a calm but definate voice say "Get the fcuking boss." :cool:

    You're not exactly a little fella, you could turn up in a beatle, listening to the beach boys and asking to see the manager whilst maintaining a certain amount of intimidation if you wanted to but my first idea sounds cooler. :)

    When he boss comes out be sure to tear the prick a new arsehole. :twisted:

    This shit happened to me with the ER-5. The dealer short changed Prick Toads 10c, so I had to waste my time by going in to pay it. :evil: I told the girl that the dealer's fcuk up was costing my children breakfast for the day. :LOL: She didn't believe me on account of the fact she knew who I was and that I don't have any children. :?
  15. Seany's got the right idea; and tell 'em that if the boss doesn't arrive in less than ten seconds, you're going to park the 14 IN the doorway and they'll get NO CUSTOMERS into the place until things are fixed :evil:.
  16. Unfortunately, your story is not unusual.

    The dealer has 24 hrs to get the paperwork in to VICToads, and they seem to have about 9 weeks to do their bit. (anecdotal, not researched at all)

    If anything gets lost, the dealer is automatically judged at fault by VICToads, but the owner is sent the paperwork, who must take it to the dealer, who must then take it up with VICToads.

    A very roundaboout and complicated way to sort it out, and made more so by various acts which deal with who owns the vehicle.

    If only VICToads contacted the dealer, first, it can be sorted out quickly, as the dealer must keep 3 copies of everything IN CASE VICToads loses anything. When VICToads contacts the dealer, usually it is sorted within minutes.
  17. that sucks, man
    is it so hard?
    when i bought my bike, some crackhead registered it as being yellow. YELLOW. i fcuking hate yellow
  18. Really, I'm goin' scooter shopping this week then! :twisted:

    You're riding a BMW, who's gonna be scared of you now? :p :LOL:

    Blue, why do you have to go to them, I'd be telling them the mechanic must come to me and do the roadworthy!
  19. +1
    Threaten them with a call to the Dept of Justice and demand 'COMPENSATION'.
    PS.. Are you certain a RWC was issued ??? Not the first time a dealer has delvered a vehicle without one :roll:
  20. Seany took the thoughts right out of my head :LOL:

    I was going to post the same, do they remember what a big guy you are???

    I say confront them in person, should get things moving quickly from the moment they see you in anger

    Go Paul!!!

    Just wanted to add that the ideas for consumer affairs might do the trick too :p