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[VIC] Rego Related Question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bike_noob, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Hi guys.

    I ve found a bike i like, only problem is that its got a NSW rego but the seller and I are both in melbourne.

    Can anyone tell the process and costs to get the rego transfered from NSW to VIC?
  2. Go to Vicroads and ask them.
  3. Hmm. Recently a mate was in this situation. Bought the bike, took it to Vicroads to get it rego'ed. Comes up as stolen from Perth...

    Is it worth the hassles going down this route. Even if the bike is legit, wouldn't it be easier to simply pay the transfer fee and stamp duty on a Vic reg bike? Or is this one a good deal, but hopefully, not a "too good to be true" deal...
  4. I looked into this one too as I'm in Adelaide and to put it simply, the market is bigger interstate, so there's more second hand bikes in Qld, Vic and NSW.

    For bringing into SA, the whole process seemed a little complicated and convoluted and full of little steps to make you pay money all the time. In the end I've decided to wait until the bike I want comes up in SA rather than try buy one from interstate.

    I wouldn't really consider it to save money on a bike; I'd only do it if you're REALLY picky on what bike you want to buy and it's a rare one. Even then, patience may be the better option.
  5. Just to clarify the bike and the seller are both in melbourne.
    But the bike is NSW registered.
    And it has a NSW registration for a few more months, so im asuming its just a case of transfering the rego to a victorian one.

    Anyways ill ask the guy to do all the transfer stuff and tell him to add it into the cost, this way i dont have much to risk.
  6. Yeah good move IMHO.
  7. You can't transfer rego from state to state.

    When you rego it in VIC they'll need to cancel the NSW rego and IIRC the seller will get a partial refund on the rego (if it's $400 a year and there's 3 months left. he'll get a refund of $100)

  8. When they cancel the NSW rego and before they register is for VIC do they have to do a roadworthy test on the bike?

    anywyas ill tell him about this and hopefully we can work something out.
  9. The Roadworthy has to be done when transferring any vehicle in vic.. and when you've let rego lapse for more than 30(i think 30) days.