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[VIC] Rego Price Difference [sports tourer v's sports bike]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by SHEPPO, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Hello all,

    I'm currently doing my research for my next bike. I'm on restrictions for another 6 months or so, and looking at all possibilities for my next bike.

    Amungst my discussions with owners, riders, salesmen (in shops), etc, i've heard a few things about rego prices.

    Is it cheaper to rego a sports tourer v's sports bike? If so, how much??

    Is it cheaper to rego a sports bike as a single seater than 2up?

    If people could give me some figures that would be much appreciated. I am located in VICTORIA, so rego prices from this state would be more accurite i'd think. MOD: and next time you will say you are in victoria in your topic not in the body, you are lucky I didn't remove this thread.
    Read the rules for posting in this section THIS TIME Ive added it for you

    Note, i'm not basing what bike i get next soley on rego prices, simply wanting to get a better understanding of the overall costs.


  2. rego prices in Victoria are determined by CC's, not by type of bike.
    Also, unlike QLD, we do not get discounts for registering as a single seater. Country/rural registrations are marginally cheaper because of the TAC third party component being less for those areas.
  3. :WStupid:
  4. www.vicroads.com.au

    2. Motor vehicle registration (renewal)
    The cost of motor vehicle registration renewal will vary depending on the vehicle type and the postcode of the vehicle’s garaged address. To calculate registration renewal fees for a light motor vehicle use the VicRoads fee calculator. The following is an example only:

    Light motor vehicle - metro area
    Registration renewal fee: $575.40
  5. Re: Rego Price Difference [sports tourer v's sports bike]

    you would be looking to pay 400-500$ for the rego, probably an extra 50$ for the road worthy certificate, i hear getting them dun at car dealers are alot cheaper.
  6. Know soemone in the ACT, $448 here :cool:
  7. Unless you fit a chair or buy a trike it will be classed as a "solo".

    From memory there is under 500cc and over 500cc TAC premimums which are the killers for us in VIC (+the $50 extortion fee).
    Reg is actually quite cheap :wink:
  8. i thought in vic, rego was rego. costs the same for all bikes. same as it costs the same to register an SS as it does a berlina. dont know about CTP changing from suburb to burb but that dosent effect you.
  9. Just renewed mine for my Triumph Sprint ST 955cc.

    Cost roughly $550 (of which about $30 is the actual rego fee, rest is TAC).
  10. I just paid mine yesterday - $515.30 thats for my honda cbr954rr
    bloody rip off i reckon, almost as much as my car.
  11. My CB250 was $350.
  12. my 93 CBR600f was also $515.30 that i payed 2 weeks ago....
  13. Geeze I used to live in Melb but am now in Syd. I have an 1100 cruiser and only pay a couple of hundred for reg and some more for green slip. It sounds less expemsive than Melb.
  14. Does that include CTP? or is a that what a green slip is?
  15. Thats what a green slip is.
    Advantage here in NSW we can shop around for our CTP's
  16. haha, that's funny! CTP is MUCH more expensive now than it was before it was deregulated.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. BIG advantage here is that it pays for all your medical expenses as well - even in a single bike crash (and also for a fair bit of lost income). Having been a beneficiary of the TAC I don't begrudge it (the levy is another issue).
  18. Well I'm not complaining about the cost of my CTP $287.00
    Maybe you need to move :LOL: