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Vic Rego Increase - WTF

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by egiste, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Well heres the story so far.

    Three weeks ago I get a rego renewal notice in the mail (my first ever for a bike) and am a little surprised to find that it will cost me almost $80 more to rego the bike than the ute, but thats ok.
    Anyway the total is $366.20 and needs to be paid by mid july and I haven't paid it yet.

    Today I get a rego renewal notice in the mail, I think "ok Ill play along", anyway after opening it I find that it is just a repeat renewal notice, then comes the intrigue, the same rego for the same bike to be paid on the same day is now worth $375.80 !!!!!!

    There is an increase on rego fee, the TAC premium and the insurance duty.

    WTF ???
  2. Just pay it against the origional notice.
    The paper pusher behind the counter wont know the diference.
  3. Just pay the first one :)
  4. Inflation?
  5. If you have the funds to cover the 1st one, I would pay it today and then ring them tomorrow telling them you recieved a 2nd letter, remember to note down the name of the person you speak to. That way you are covered. I'd hate to have the bike taken off the road as being unregistered for a measly $9 ;)
  6. You can thank Bracks and all the tosswads that voted for him.

    He has indexed all fines/charges/fees etc etc to line his greedy pockets.

    Bloody Bracks :evil:
  7. Thanks Mr Bracks ,,|,
  8. All governments take money from us one way or another, some more obvious than others.
  9. How else is the government going to make money the government before Bracks sold everything?
    There is no need to insult peoples voting preference were currently still free to vote how we want.
  10. Whilst I understand you're response, what other business or organisation can increase the fees and charges it levies on it's customers regardless of the cost of delivery? I can think of nothing other than government that can do this and then justify it based purely on CPI.

    And Bracks took over a gov't (that for all its faults) was running a huge budget surplus. My understanding is that prior to the change in policy, dept's reviewed their fees and charges periodically and only made changes when needed to. What's worse is that (it is reported by 'The Age') the transparency in gov't that was promised by Bracks has not materialised. Repeated attempts to obtain a full list of fees and charges levied by departments has apparently been met with limited responses.

  11. Bracks didn't sell anything JEFF did!
  12. Cejay you’re more then likely right and I don't agree with the way Bracks is taxing Motorcyclist and road users in general stupid among other things. I just got annoyed with Vic's blunt comment about Bracks voters.
  13. I got my rego yesterday :( 508 or 510 i think it is now.

    Thanks Bracksy
  14. I can give you another business or organisation that is able to increase fees and charges at their will. BOTH BANKS AND INSURANCE COMPANIES
  15. Though technically you can go elsewhere and there is at least some element of competition. Govt's face no such pressures. What really annoys the shit out of me is the blind assumption that we all have more money to pay for the increase in fees.