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[Vic] Rego going up again

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pete the pom, Jun 16, 2005.


    In accordance with the movement in the consumer price index, fees and
    charges for registration and licensing will increase by 2.5% for 2005/2006.

    This increase applies to all fees and charges apart from heavy vehicle
    registration fees (including Federal Interstate Registration Scheme
    vehicles), which are set through a national process managed by the National
    Transport Commission (NTC). These fees will increase by 1.0%.

    The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) has also advised that third party
    insurance charges for motor vehicles will increase by 2.23 % (refer
    enclosed TAC fee chart).

    All fee increases will come into effect from Friday 1 July 2005. Details
    of all fees can be accessed by visiting VicRoads website at
    |Registration Fees: | |
    |Motor vehicle - (GVM not | Increased from $160.50 to $164.50 |
    |exceeding 4500 kg) | |
    |Motorcycle | Increased from $32.10 to $32.90 |
    |Recreation Motorcycle | Increased from $7.00 to $7.10 |
    |Trailer - (GVM not | Increased from $32.10 to $32.90 |
    |exceeding 4500 kg) | |
    |Mobile Plant - (Tare or | Increased from $80.20 to $82.20 |
    |GVM not exceeding 4500 kg)| |
    |Primary Producer - (GVM | Increased from $80.20 to $82.20 |
    |not exceeding 4500 kg) | |
    |Special Vehicles | Updated according to category refer "Scale of|
    | |Fees" Where applicable each dealer will need |
    | |to update page 12 to reflect the new charges |
    | | |
    |Number Plates: | |
    |Standard Issue (2 plates) | Increased from $26.60 to $27.20 |
    |Single Issue ( 1 plate) | Increased from $13.30 to $13.60 |
    |Slimline Issue (2 plates) | Increased from $47.60 to $48.60 |
    |Reservation of Plates (Out| No increase $195.00 |
    |of sequence) | |
    |Assignment of Plates | Increased from $89.00 to $91.20 |
    |Vehicle Inspection Report | Increased from $394.60 to $404.40 |
    |Books | |
    |Other fee increases that | |
    |could pertain to your | |
    |business: | |
    |Transfer - Dealer to |Increased from $28.10 to $28.90 |
    |Private | |
    |Transfer - Dealer/Private |Increased from $14.30 to $14.70 |
    |to Dealer | |
    |Transfer - Motorcycles & |Increased from $5.00 to $5.10 |
    |Trailers | |
    |Roadworthy Certificate |Increased from $124.70 to $127.80 |
    |Book | |
    |Booking for inspection at |Increased from $10.20 to $10.40 |
    |VicRoads | |
    |Vehicle Inspection at |Increased from $21.00 to $21.50 |
    |VicRoads | |
    |Unregistered Permit (High |Permit Fee $17.40 to $17.80 plus Tac Fee. |
    |Risk Passenger Vehicle) | |

  2. I know that the extra charges are negligible however...

    The TAC has been making money hand over fist due to the decrease in claims payouts. The similar profitability of Workcover led to a reduction in premiums so you could safely argue that the TAC should extend the same deal to motorists.

    However, the profit that TAC makes is absorbed by the State Goverment into general revenue as a sneak tax (Thanks to Jeff Kennett for introducing this and Steve Bracks for not shutting it down). Any increase in fees is an insult when there is clearly no demonstrated need to do so.

    :evil: :evil: :roll:
  3. Might be worth putting [Vic] in the title, so as not to offend our cousins...
  4. oh wow! I think big brother is in the house. I was just about to go back and put VIC in the title and someone else has done it for me. der der der der der der der der (twighlight zone music just looses that special effect when you put it into text)
  5. arseholes :(

    last year the car rego cost me $493.80
    and the bike rego $429.20

    paying rego for each vehicle i can understand but why do i have to pay for insurance twice?!?!?!
  6. So what makes up the rest of the $429.20?

    Buggered if Vicroads is a very friendly website to trawl through.
  7. Ah, found it.
  8. bike is 32$ rego the rest is insurance
    car is 160$ rego and the rest is insurance
    so that means i have paid 730 in insurance!!!!
    or thereabouts have a look at the table up the top cause i'm too lazy too :)

    i repeat my previous statement of arseholes
  9. Why not? The insurance covers the vehicle's occupants and that of third parties. It doesn't cover the vehicle's owner.

    What if you're married? How many insurance premiums should you pay on the vehicle? One each? If you're married. does your wife, who may ride your bike pay two lots of insurance or one lot (one for the car and one for the bike)? What if your kids want to borrow either the car or the bike? Do they have their own insurance?

    People often push the single insurance fee per person angle. I think that this mostly comes from either single people with no dependants, or from people who have a working partner who may have their own separate vehicles. But for the majority who have a sole income coming in to the household and often one vehicle for the family, such an imposte is not fair.

    I have two cars and a bike. Or rather, the missus has her car, I have mine and the bike. She doesn't work. She also does not ride, and doesn't particularly like driving my car because it's difficult to get in and out of, because of arthritic knees. But she does drive it on occasions, as do I her car.

    What would be an appropriate scheme for us to pay third party insurance and rego fees?
  10. Good. And I hope that it continues to do so.

    TAC provides a service that is unequalled in Australia. Look up what it will cost to insure your vehicles in NSW. I believe that their equivalent of Vicroads (RTA?) has a website with this info.

    Their third party insurers are private commercial operations like GIO, Allianz, CGU and so on (mostly foreign owned, I might add). The insurance covers only what it's titled - third party, only. So, if you have a single vehicle crash on your bike, and you're hurt, then your stuffed. If you have private health with extras and income protection insurance, then you might be right. But for the majority, you're relying on Medicare and whatever private health cover that you may have to hospitalisation, treatment and possible rehab.

    TAC covers all this for you and at a significantly reduced cost compared to NSW.

    That it returns a dividend to the government is good. It means a tax or revenue stream that doesn't have to be made up elsewhere, say in extra fuel prices, stamp duties on items not already covered by that tax and so on.

    Only thing that worries me is that a lot of TAC's revenue is through investments. A few years back, the rocket scientists that run the org lost a good deal of money due to questionable investments on the stock market. But in the main, it's been returning a healthy dividend to the government over the past 10 or 15 years.
  11. I think what Raffiki was referring to was paying insurance twice, through both the TAC and privately.

    Insurance is expensive in Australia when you add it all up.
  12. If he was, I'm not sure why. TAC covers injury/recovery whereas private insurance is generally property cover, whether it be third party or comprehensive.

    One is compulsory, the other should be....
  13. As do I. Reading my post you would see that I am not criticising the TAC for their operations (I have taken part in them on occasion). My concern is that they make a profit and those profits are not used for improving the service or reducing the cost for its users. To then claim 'necessary' cost increases due to increased costs of insurance cover is simply dishonest. They made a clear profit due to a reduction in their liabilities, in what way were their costs increased?
  14. bingo. the government has been allowed to legally funnel money from the TAC into other portfolios at will for a while now... that's not on IMO, it has opened the door for rampant revenue raising through 'road <ahem> safety' enforcement.
  15. yeah fair call but on my private insurance i have to name drivers other wise i have to pay a stupidly high excess if the non named person decides to remodel the car.

    why cant it be sorta the same with the car/bike (dual rego) pay once for tac. if some mut smashes my bike and doesnt have a car (tac cover) etc they pay a stupidly high excess.

    i can see your point of the tac insuring the car/bike and not the person but why cant they have the single insurance option there for singles etc. the current system works great for families etc but not the individual.

    dont get me wrong i love the tac, it bloody rocks!!! if it keeps on keeping on i'm happy to pay the 700$ to be covered for everything. i can understand the fee for service structure they run. eg you want a car and bike? fine you pay for both, just like comp/3rd party insurance on the car/bike. however if i combine the car/bike insurance i get a buku discount.

    tac = good

    if the gov want to suck $$$ fine, just as long as we still get tac and we dont end up like nsw *shudder*

    we get tax cuts but then petrol excise goes up along with rego and everything else. 6$ per week (312$ per year) tax cut not much in the grand scheme of things but hey i'll take anything i can. its almost the price of the bike rego i spose... :?

    meh rant over
  16. I think you will find that medical, rehabiliatation & paramedical costs are increasing at a higher rate than the 2.5% increase of the TAC premiums.

    Also TAC is a life time scheme so every year there are hundreds of new Paraplegics, quadraplegics and other people who require life time care added to the TAC pool to be looked after & paid for.

    I think you will find that TAC's liabilities are forever increasing due to the reasons stated above as well as TAC's funding for black spot projects, trauma centres, the Victorian Trauma Foundation, the Alfred Trauma Centre - the list goes on. TAC profits is not profit in the normal sense as the money has to be allocated aside to ensure that the viability of the TAC scheme can benefit of the Victorian Motorist for life.
  17. These are my rego's

    CS CYCLE = $379.70 Payment due 22/6/05 (large capacity bike)
    VL LIGHT VEHICLE = $365.80 Payment due 15/7/05 (twincab 4WD).

    Although the rego is cheaper in the country I dont understand why the bike is dearer?
  18. Received my bike rego renewal today $438 :shock: .
  19. Ouch... $438 for an Across :wink: ...
  20. Cause after ya mow down the bastards with your car you're gunna go home & jump on your bike & come back & finish the job! Obviuos isn't it? Oh please!