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[VIC] Rego expired by two weeks… how to get it in for RWC

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by grue, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. The #1 contender in Grue's Search For A Bike had its rego expire about two weeks ago. How does one get a RWC if you can't legally ride it to the testing station?

  2. you go and pay the rego.
    you still get 3 months after the due date before it is unroadworthy - you just cant ride it till you pay the rego.

    or, you go and get an unregistered permit which will allow you to ride it around without rego.
  3. i think the real question is how will you find one thats open this time of year. very slim chances of being pulled over on your way there...
  4. realistically I'll just go to the kmart auto centre that's 2 blocks from my home, and 3 blocks from where the bike is. The seller is overseas for 2 weeks tho, so I don't have to worry about them being closed on the holidays.
  5. Aha. Fair enough.
  6. The rego can't be transferred to your name without a RWC anyway, so what does it matter? :?
  7. I'm just trying to figure the logistics behind it. Since the rego can't be put into my name without the RWC, I can't legally ride it to get the RWC. So I guess as above I'll either have to get a temporary permit, or just ride it the whole three blocks and try not to get pulled over :LOL:
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but are you not allowed to ride it unregistered to a RWC centre or Vicroads to organise a RWC or your registration provided you take teh most direct route there?

    Or have they changed that rule?
  9. I know that you ARE allowed to ride it to Vicroads for rego once you have the RWC if it is unregistered, but I don't know about going to get a RWC.
  10. The easiest way is to ring vicroads up and get an unregistered vehicle permit over the phone using a credit card.
  11. Mostly Correct mate. Once a Registration Booking fee has been paid, You can drive/ride an unregistered vehicle to Vic Roads ONLY using the most direct route. The Fee includes a TAC component.
    As far as obtaining an RWC, You are only permitted to ride to and from an RWC tester, repairer or anywhere else in order to test, repair, or purchase parts required for RWC ONLY if you have an unregistered vehicle permit.
  12. Is this really true?
  13. yes this is really true.
    at midnight of the expiry date, your vehicle is unregistered.
    it cannot be driven/riden until you pay the rego.
    you have 3 months from that expiry date to pay the rego and then the vehicle is registered again and can be driven/riden as normal.
    if after 3 months you havent paid the rego, it is also unroadworthy so you have to get a RWC to get Rego again.

    the law used to be that you could still drive the vehicle for 3 months after the expiry date - even if you havent paid the rego.
    thats the only part that has changed - now you cant drive/ride it until you pay for it.
  14. YES!!! Put it on a trailer or ute and go get the RWC, then drive to Vicroads, transfer it and pay the renewal at the same time! Heck you could push it for 3 blocks and get public transport to Vicroads!!! Then go home, grab the bike and ride the wheels off it! You DO NOT have to present it for inspection unless it is 3 months out, after that they cancel the rego and you have to book in for reregistration.

    The old system let you pay anytime up to 12 months later without presenting the bike (you even got it pro rata and only had to pay the months left owing!) and you had a 28 day grace period to ride around after the rego expired (It was never 3 months). That was a long time ago though!
  15. Techincally, no, it's not unroadworthy. The registration is canceled if not paid within 3 months of expiry.

    The only way to get it back on the road is to have it re-registered and to do so you require a new RWC to be presented.

    Dave is right, you have 28 days grace tp pay the rego after it first expired not 3 months. Now it expires on midnight on the date of expiry.

    There is a difference between canceled and expired rego.

    Expired, is run out, not paid for up to 3 months.

    Canceled is when it has been longer than 3 months after the expiry and rego remains unpaid.
  16. Maybe it's because it's before noon on a Saturday, but I'm confused :LOL:

    Irrespective of registration status (current vs expired by a month), the bike DOES need a RWC to be registered to me, correct?
  17. yes it needs a RWC to be transferred to you.
  18. YES! If you do that a.s.a.p you should be able to go in and transfer the bike and pay the reg over the counter without going through a full re-registration process. You do not need to take the bike in! If you leave it for 3 months after the expiry you need a RWC and book it in for rereg and inspection.
  19. :cool:

    The earliest I'll be able to get the bike is mid-January, at which point it'll only have been expired by 5 weeks, so that shouldn't be a problem.

  20. Also to add to the above comment the expired rego is only if you already own the bike.
    If you are buying a bike with no rego then you need to contact vicroads and apply for an unregistered vehicle permit which allows you a certain amount of time to get the bike roadworthy and regitered provided your riding is onlt to and fom those places.