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Vic - Registration Inspection -- EPA

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by kyro_02, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. ( I pick the perfect time with a perfect excuse; "Sorry, I know I should ring Vic Roads, but it is only 12:46AM on a Tuesday" ) :D

    Hey... I'm just wondering if anyone knows if 'Vic Roads' inspect your car after you get a Roadworthy certificate and then you got register it, will they look at the car ?

    step as follows:

    I go buy a car that has been defected, the defect is because of EPA issues, I get the owner to get a RWC to remove the defect notice from the EPA -- after he fix's the problem(s).

    I take the car & Roadworthy Certificate to Vic Roads.... -- will they inspect the car at all? after all if I give them a Roadworthy Certificate they won't need to, right ?


  2. If it’s in your name already and you just let it laps they do not inspect it BUT if you’re changing names as well they need to inspect it at VicRoads before they let it back on the road
  3. To change it into your name they will inspect it if it DOES NOT have registration currently. If it IS registered then just present the forms I believe.
  4. Make sure the above happens.. AFAIK, you dun have to bring the car to show them if the car is registered. Just bring the form and the RWC to change name and pay for the duties.
  5. yeah registration has been canceled because of the EPA notice (he was lazy and didn't bother fixing the problem!)

    oh well I guess i'll have to get him to "redo modification" after i get it re-regged under my name. :p :p
  6. I believe the EPA legislation is teh same nationwide. It is independent of any state rego authorities.
    The offending defect has to be inspected and signed off as fixed at an inspection station. Do NOT buy the car if this is not done, as the EPA defect has not been lifted, and it will be flagged as such when you try and register it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. you really should run with a catalytic converter....
  8. its not that... its the fact it is turbo with a cooler and not engineered, although once it gets defect removed and i get a rwc and regged under my name i will slap on the turbo/cooler etc.