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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rsser, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Mr Plod was out in force today.

    One car with hairdryer, one unmarked red BMW with videocam and one marked bike doing license checks.

  2. Saw a couple of marked cars hanging around kinglake this afternoon too.
  3. are you sure the bmw was a copper?
  4. Yep. Last seen tailing someone riding at speed who was then snapped by the hair dryer.
  5. one on burwood highway just over the top of the hill before the mountain highway turnoff this morning. sitting and waiting.
  6. Tailing people on the Reefton? How often do you get a chance to get above 100kph there (aside from the two short straights near the top).

    You can do the whole of Reefton at 100kph or less, and still maybe only take 15 secs longer than if you didn't hold yourself to any limit.
  7. Maybe that's the point - they're trying to get people to do just that, and not go nuts on the straights?

    You're right though - Reefton is just as much fun @ or below 100km/h, in my experience.
  8. I can't see myself gettin much over 100kph on reefton all that often but have regualy seen 180 or more down the straights on the black spur. Given the 80km limit b/w St andrews and Kinglake it's only the corners that see me on or below the limit so cheers and thanks for the heads up. :grin: I will be doing a checking run before having any fun up there 2morrow. :)
  9. [​IMG] Turn it up Seany.

    More like regularly seen 220 or more.. :twisted:
  10. I'm told the rider was snapped at 140kph on the straight coming up to the S's.
  11. Now, I wonder why the plods would be at reefton!
    While people continue to have accidents and kill themself in that area they will be around for a long time to come.

    If you ride reefton midweek, then most of the time you won't see one plod.