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[VIC] Reefton Spur

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by rascus, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. I am surprised nobody has mentioned this mecca of a road. This is where god had in mind when he made Ducati's. 8)

    The Reefton is a sensational bit of road that doesn't really go anywhere! this is the beauty of it, no traffic and in summer lots of bikes around.

    You get to it by riding through Warburton heading for the Upper Yarra Dam turning for the the Cambarville Junction where you turn left and past Lake Mountain and into Marysville.

    Road surface is good but watch out for fellow bikers coming the other way

    Snow can be found up top in winter and it is a good experience to ride thorough the snow. Just watch out for the Black Ice. :shock:

  2. Re: Reefton Spur

    You've only just discovered this bit of tarmac?

    And the Black Spur is far better than the Reefton now it's been resurfaced. And it tends to have less tree crap on it as well.

    But having said that the 2 roads form part of my favourite loop.

  3. Re: Reefton Spur

    Where have you been hiding?? this road gets mentioned all the time

    :shock: :?
  4. Re: Reefton Spur

    I think Rascus meant it hasn't been mentioned in the 'Nirvana Roads' section.

    Anyway, I love reefton too due to it's lack of traffic and genuine twisties. The black spur has a few more sweepers which is nice, but can be chockers some days... If I had my way these roads would be closed to all but bikes on the weekends :)
  5. i beg to differ with the black vs reefton thing. i find reefton to be a MUCH more exciting ride, and not just because of the lack of traffic. the road REALLY keeps you on your toes, but its not tricky enuff to be overly scary. black is almost a glass surface, nothing to think about really, just left-accelerate-brake-right, very lazy twisties. reefton pumps you up with occaisional surface changes, a bit of ruffage and some corners that catch you unawares almost every time you take them.

    i like to think of black as a nice relaxing way to get home after some serious reeftonage 8)
  6. The Reefton is so good it is constantly clogged on weekends with fcuk-wit riders who are too cheap to spring for a ride day. Seriously, I'd be dead multiple times over due to riders coming the other way in my lane but for good luck and a bit of self restraint on my part.

    The Black Spur is a beut bit of road but about 10kms too short! Great new surface though.

    Try the road from St Andrews to Kingslake. It's been resurfaced recently and has some of the best tight corner riding I've found. Someone once mentioned (G, I think) to me that it's also known as "The Benchmark", pretty good description, it's a very good test of a rider's skill.

    Also, the road from Kingslake West to Yea is absolute gold. Fast and twisty with long straights and great sweepers. It's fun at any pace, all legal of course Orificer.
  7. I'm with the nutter on this!

    Reefton is much much better. I really don't know why so many riders rave on about the Black Spur, for me it's just the boring way to get to the Reefton :p
  8. About every second time I do Reefton there's a rider down, so newbies take care and do some practice runs before pushing it.

    As for Kinglake to St. Andrews... the new surface is pretty slippery in places and 4 X 4 drives tend to cut the corners. Also a technical ride.
  9. there's some good advice. don't ride above your or your bike's ability or the road conditions - I've heard of a few blokes doing heaps of runs up and down in a day, and after a while they can get a bit too confident and come off... :(
  10. Re: Reefton Spur

    I have been riding the Reefton for over ten years, granted not as much as I used to. The Reefton out shines the Black Spur hands down every time. The big thing I like about the Reefton is that it is not an overly fast road, second and third gears for the whole way up, very technical with very few side roads and driveways coming onto it so as the only thing to worry about is whats coming towards you and from behind (usually me).
    The Black Spur is full of cars and Logging trucks and gets very frustrating.

    I mentioned the Reefton here because I am new to this NetRider thing and in a forum topic like this one where was the Reefton?

    I have ridden most roads in Vic that are worth riding. The Kinglake St Andrews is tight but on coming traffic cutting corners there worries me. You don't know whats coming around the next corner.

    I think it is a given most Victorians are aware of the Reefton ( I agree it is not a place for new riders, not a disrespect thing but nothing worse coming around a corner at speed to be comfronted with an L plater wobbling up the road sh*%#$@g themsleves).

    I will put up a few other roads up for discussion shortly that I haven't seen metioned here yet.
  11. I'm looking forward to doing this oneday, It'd have to be a half day ride for me so it might not been soon..

    From comments above id'd do it on a weekday so you can take your time the first few times.
  12. Re: Reefton Spur

    nobody mentions it because everybody knows about it ;)
  13. Took the words right out of my mouth.
  14. Re: Reefton Spur

    I suppose these "nirvana roads" threads are a good place to condense our impressions and experiences of these roads. Also might be a good place to post videos/pics of roads so that people who haven't ridden them (eg interstate/overseas riders) can use this section as resource to plan trips and choose must-ride roads etc.

    I think it's great :)
  15. I like doing a lap of the spurs. Satiates me for the day. :D
  16. I too vote for Reefton over the Black - corners are tighter so my 250 can overtake more of you loons on big bikes. ;)
  17. My only experiences of the Black Spur have been on weekends. The last one, a Sunday, was full of buses and Sunday day trippers, and a pain to negotiate.

    While the BS is probably a nicer road, per se, than the RS, Reefton is quiet and less hazardous.
  18. That's why I love my rotating roster at work. Get plenty of weekdays to enjoy a relatively clear run. :LOL: :p

    Some pics from the Reefton....


    Yeah so I didn't take many pics of any other area of the Reefton. Bit hard to force yourself to stop when you're having fun. :LOL:
  19. Up at 0600 Black Spur (no traffic) Reefton, Yarra Junction, Noojee, Moe, Walhalla, Lunch at the Pub, Reverse to get home.

    Yeah baby. \:D/