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[VIC] Reefton Spur

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by HANDSY, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. lots and lots of loose gravel in 3 different sections, very very easy to loose it, would advise stay away for a week or two for it to clear up as its a death trap.

  2. Went down Reefton this morning, still bad. About a third of it covered in loose gravel, obviously have resurfaced sections of fire damaged road. There is also some remade road with loose gravel about 5 km out of Marysville on route to Lake Mtn.
  3. Still lots og gravel. Note there are no warning sign and the gravel starts right before a sharp bend etc. Be careful. The road up to Lake Mountain is quite OK and nearly no traffic but some mud on the road in places. The restaurant on top survived without damage and we had a nice lunch there today. So stop there for a bite or a drink - I think they need the business.
  4. any updates on the condition now?
  5. Still pretty crap with plenty of loose stuff on the road.
    There was a tree fallen over half the road today. Not blocking the road but close.
    Needs some more time to clear yet.
  6. And lots of traffic today with people going up to marysville
  7. any one have an update as to the condition now? im assuming with the time and all the weather that it should be in pretty good condition?
  8. I went thru 21/4 (Tuesday). Speed limit went from 100 to 80 to 60 to 40 for a few ks.

    Workmen everywhere cleaning up the trees. One corner with rocks & gravel from a small mud slide.

    I won't be going up there again for a few months.
  9. I went through on Saturday (2/5) uphill from Warby.

    The spur is fine for a leisurely cruise (which is all I really do anyway!) but I wouldn't head there expecting to push it - there is still loose gravel on some corners, and rains have deposited gravel and bark on the road. The gravel/stones definately look to be worse on the downhill side of the road - from the rock wall/embankments.

    Cambarville to Lake Mountain has a lot of debris washed on the road, take it easy and pick your lines carefully through the bark, twigs, gravel, mud and wombats :wink:

    Lake Mountain to Marysville is fine at the speed limit.

    Had an interesting detour out to Yea and back after the black spur was closed - riding the last 100kms back through the controlled burns smoke haze in the dark was fun :shock: reminded me why I avoid riding in fog!
  10. Pretty good now for anyone interested: fair bit of slippery bark from the rain Monday night, but only one small patch of loose gravel (that I found, anyway, and I was on a terrible line!) Surface generally good, two road crews on Tuesday with dropped speed limits, and sections down to 80km/h but that's more than I was doing most of the time!
  11. ya reckon?

    alot of the resurfacing looks like sticky shit dumped on, then gravel spread on top, so it looks like loose gravel, but alot of it is stuck down hard. thing is i dont reckon all of it is, there's loose shit on top still in alot of the climb from marysville, and parts of the descent to reefton.

    i used to hoon thorugh alot of it, but last week midweek i was taking it real easy, just didnt look safe in many places to crank it over.

    they had a couple of road crews going through, lead truck had a guy blowing the edges clean, and the truck a bit behind that was spraying on fresh shoulder lines. be nice if they could send a street sweeper up with them :roll:
  12. that wasn't my experience on sunday, was a couple of tiny patches of loose stuff laying around (but meh i allow for gravel at most corners), but overall i think they have done quite a good job, i was amazed at the grip level even in the wet sections (wasn't quite so happy looking at the rear tyre) and i only had one moment when the rear broke loose on exit (first time ever i was very excited), so not quite sure, maybe they were only half finished when you rode it robin :)
  13. sweet. i want to head up again sometime soon. i'll actually get off and check out the road sections im talking about. most of the time, i drag my feet, see how it feels under the boots, if i can feel gravel skimming with, or jsut good grip. i know i heard alot of stones flicking under the front mudguard in many sections though.

    damn i missed reefton, was so good to get back up there. hadn't done it for nearly a year, this was the first run since finishing my suspension :)
  14. Yep on Sunday just gone there was bugger all gravel left on the way up and the road was pretty clean aswell. Down is a different story tho
  15. UPDATE:

    Lots of crap on the Spur now - both directions. Wet bark, leaf litter and even a couple of big logs (100mm accross, half a meter long :shock: )

    Pretty hard to find a wheel track through in some places, and definitely slows things down around the bends (ie everywhere!)

    I think the road works are finished now (I didn't see any crews out today) and the surface itself is pretty good, but I think the crap might be left by loggers/tree clearing and washed onto the road by the rain. Needs a sweeper to go through.

    Maybe stick to Blacky and/or Kinglake for a couple of days...
  16. hopefull by thursday all the crap will be blown off the road from the trucks :LOL: gonna be dry the next few days so lets hope for the best :grin:
  17. i was hoping to visit out there on friday, all things going to plan of course.
  18. Drove the Reefton by car (WRX) yesterday and found a lot of loose stones and tree litter on the roads to the point that the road was narrowed at some points, there was also a lot of dirt from clearing machinery on the roads.
    If you do the Reefton take care and be prepared to take avoiding action. Kev. :wink:
  19. sounds awesome, will have to do a run after work soon.

    i love a dirty road :twisted: