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[VIC] Reefton Spur; Number of Corners

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Mar 2, 2006.

  1. 191.

    I counted them. Yeah, I was in a strange mood today. :oops: Still a bit spaced out from medicines and an inner ear infection, and perhaps a minor bout of insanity. :eek:

    191 corners from the beginning (bridge over the Yarra) to the end (Cumberland Junction) of the Reefton Spur.

    In just 19kms.

    Yeah, quite useless, but it's strangely a question that I had been pondering for some time now. Now there were some corners that I counted 2 for, when there was, for example, one distinct right hander, followed by another distinct tighter right-hander (decreasing radius) even though there was no straight bit between them.

    If we're just counting actual changes in direction (left-right-left), there'd be about 185 of them.

    Then there were a few I counted which really nothing more than slight kinks, but still requiring the vaguest change in direction. If we discount those, then probably down to 180 or so directional change transitions.

    Not bad I reckon, averaging 1 corner per 100-105m of road. I guess that it somewhat puts it into figures just how relentless Reefton is.
  2. Well done - but gotta say I was concentrating on getting around them all today rather than how many there actually were, but is good to know - thanks :)
    Did a quick trip up Mt Donna Buang & back before we hit Reefton - was a little messy on the roads - to the point of having to stop & remove half a forest - but fun all the same :grin:
  3. I saw a photo of a section of the Reefton Spur in Aust. Motorcycle Atlas and Jeez it looks kinda narrow :eek: If it's as narrow as it looks then even bikes in the opposite direction would be a worry :(
  4. Interesting information of which I would never have considered, guess that's why so many people head to Reefton, it's a great training ground for cornering.
  5. Especially on weekends - can be. As well as debris on road, fallen trees, wildlife, fog/mist in winter, etc.
    But it is a great place to practise tight corners. Ride it at your own place & with a buddy (no phone coverage up there either)
  6. I'm not a big fan of reefton for this very reason and could just be me but, unless its a mid week trip when you pretty much have the road to yourself, there is usually someone (even cops do it) ducking onto my side of the road. If I am on it during a peak time you'll find me cowering well into my lane waiting for the next retard to pop over to my side of the ride.

    Its not too bad but there isn't much room for error particularly on the weekend or public holidays. On a week day thats another story.

    Then again I love the wide open corners of the Black Spur....got a corner count on that one?
  7. Yep, it's a bit of a gamble, even when you're doing the right thing. Still, you can minimise risk by staying wide, and turning in only when you can see the end of the corner. It might not be a racing line, but you're still moving just as fast and it's a shiteload safer. If you're a stopwatch freak, perhaps the track is a better option anyway. :p
  8. It is simply the best road and I think needs to be treated with respect. The stakes are high but so is the reward.

    So when's the next ride :grin:
  9. anyone ever timed themselves through there?
    my best is just over 13 minutes from bottom to top
  10. I've only done reefton 4 or 5 times and never been comfortable there. The road is narrow, with pretty much a drop on one side and a cliff on the other most of the way. The corners are tight but visibility through them is generally poor and there's little margin for error even if there's no knobber hooning the other way. It's not the sort of road that gives me the right visual cues to go all-out on.

    That's the sort of instinct I think I should listen to.

    It's a good ride taken reasonably gently but I can't understand why people push it on the Reefton - no wonder there's ambulances out there every weekend. It's a great motorcycle road but you can't ride it beyond 70-80% without putting yourself, your ride and oncoming traffic in pretty considerable risk.

    +1 to Tenoq's racetrack comment, those roads are designed to be ridden much quicker, and they're set up for safe riding that can take you RIGHT to the limits of your metal and skill, and that's the thrill you're after, right? Not the thrill of missing a Toorak Tractor by inches?
  11. weird...i find reefton an easier ride than black spur. don't know why... always seems wider to me, or better visibility or something.

    and as for why people love kinglake, i hope one day i get it... but at this stage of my riding it just totally freaks me out :shock:
  12. I've had bikes on my side of the road on the black spur a few times and had a car taking up 1/2 my lane mid corner at kinglake but not phased by those roads at all (ok perhaps the kinglake drop off commands some respect) but I'm at a 95% chance AT LEAST one person will use my lane when I'm arriving at the same point from the other direction while on the Reefton....probably just more of my exceptionally good luck and/or another example of me taking one for the netrider team.
  13. Last w/e while everyone was down the island I rode reefton for the first time. Up the black spur were I left my friend on her cruiser for a quick burst till the top , quick bite at the cafe there and then I followed her down to the reefton pub. She'd ridden reefton before and i'm glad I was following her and enjoyed the pace and the reefton a lot. Lots of rubbish as in sticks and foliage , but not much traffic at all on a beautiful Hot Autumn day. The Reefton pub is great with that wide veranda out front where you can watch the bikes arch by, and some great old photographs inside of bikes. There was only one other bike out front Sunday afternoon, a rarity I'm told, but even at 2 up the top at the cafe there were only a dozen or so bikes. The only problem with ending up at the reefton pub is the relatively boring direct route back to the burbs. Next time I think we should perhaps start there and come down the Black spur, cut off from healsville up to the Kinglake road and back down through St Andrews.
    I dont think Reefton is as fast as the black spur , but then speed isnt everything and you can get a nice rythmic dance happening on it that is just pure pleasure. By the time I got to the Reefton Pub my wrists were certainly sore.
  14. Cafe at top of Reefton Spur? :shock:
    Did you go all the way up Lake Mountain, and there is one there?
  15. 191, far out!
  16. Opps. Sorry, that was a cafe at Marysville we stopped at.
  17. Is that a fast time by ur standards?
  18. Get one for you on Friday :p :grin:
  19. Cafe @ Lake Mtn charges $4 a coffee :twisted:
    Do like the road up there & back tho' - as long as its clear of debris - tend to do that & return to Marysville rather than go via Reefton on my little day trips.

  20. Ditto.

    I have only done both Spurs a couple of times but this is exactly how I feel too.

    And with reefton being so relentless, I got sore arms. LOL