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[Vic] Reefton Spur, Marysville side 2009-11-21

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by arc, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. From immediately outside Marysville from the roundabout to the first junction (Woods Point Road) this afternoon (2009-11-21, Saturday), FULL of debris. In some parts you can barely see the road. Worst section marked below:


    Also, at the first junction check out this MOFO:



    I removed the stuff on the road, but the branch was just too big for me.

  2. Keep your head down.
  3. BTW, Vic Roads report filed online. All the Police stations were shut by the time I got to Warburton etc.

  4. Very nasty. Was supposed to head there today but with that & the rain it's a stay home day:cry:
  5. Cheers Arc.

    Timely reminder not to gun it through the corners after bad weather, lest there's logs, branches or stringy bark on the exit. Or more problematic, a cage / truck trying to drive around them. :shock:
  6. heh i was dirt riding on friday and a branch that size dropped about 5m in front of me when I was punting allong. Scared the crap out of me... decided it was time to head back as branches were falling left right and centre. Had to clear a few just to drive out of the national park
  7. That's just the Reefton for you. What we really need is a thread to tell us when it's not absolutely farked up there. ;)
  8. Give the Reefton and Blackspur a miss, turn off at Yarra Juntion and go out through Powelltown to Noojee, Better road and not much traffic, Not as much crap on the road either.
  9. Last weekend, a few of us riders had reason to quietly sit by the side of the road just a bit further away from Marysville from where Arc has indicated, this is where the fires had decimated the area. The quiet was broken every couple of minutes by the sound of branches crashing to the ground. Stands to reason that some of that will fall on the roads too.

    After the strong winds we had on Friday, that wouuld be magnified 100 fold.
  10. Nice one, thank you. Could you show us on a google map screen shot/route?

  11. I've done the Noojee ride with Brian before. You HAVE to have lunch at the Toolshed in Noojee and then keep going on to Mt Baw Baw.

    I've mapped one example of a possible route. If you make it this Saturday I might even be able to tag along!

  12. The extra weight of water soaked into the limbs by the rain and the wind causes them to drop.

    Nothing worse than hearing a large branch drop nearby....
  13. in the army we were told time and again if going out on excercise to never ever ever setup under/near a gum tree. They can just drop branches for the fun of it, and are widely referred to as "widow makers". Up north before I joined we were camping out near Julia creek and went chasing some roo's came back to find half a tree on my neighbors tent. Much fear the falling Eucalypt Branch.
  14. After the fires went through Marysville the only sounds you could hear up on Mt Gordon were the distant trucks on the main road below and the occasional widow maker falling.

    No birds or other wildlife to be heard, eerie feeling.
  15. Damn - the police will do anything to slow bike riders down :D
  16. After Noojee, head for Baw Baw and turn right at the Willow Grove road towards Moe, I thought it was called Icy Creek road, But it is Willow Grove road.
    Theres nearly always gravel at the corner, so watch out for it, and 4X4's on your side of the road. Theres not many, but if your scorching, it dont leave much room for manouvering as those corners are tight and blind.
    I am doing the GAR this Saturday and Sunday, yeeeeaaaahhhhhhhh 6th time this year,
  17. +1

    The Reefton is hazardous....Full Stop. Same goes for the Kill Boulevard.

  18. :confused: