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[VIC] Reefton Spur [C512/C513] Road Condition/Hazard Reports

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by deadman, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. we went through the Reefton and Black Spurs today, and up to Lake mountain.
    The road is very slippery in parts due to the heat, ITS Bloody melting, The tar sticks to your wheels and still slips when you get into the cooler parts as the tyres are still hot,
    Its easy to see as it looks wet and is.
    Just be very carefull on very hot days,

  2. Re: Reefton Spur

    Today was awesome on Reefton..... Best i seen it in a year or two.

    Lake Mountain to Marysville was a bit iffy tho with melting asphalt
  3. Re: Reefton Spur

    Just did this run in the GTI this morning. Quite a lot of branches and some fairly big bits of wood on the Reefton but also they were doing grass cutting about halfway along and the road was covered in grass clippings and junk that had been throw on to the road. Some of the worst places were right in the middle of sharp corners so take it easy. Some guy in a GSXR absolutely blew past us (and we weren't sightseeing) and left us behind quick enough that i was concerned for him as i came up to some of the debris on the road but saw him again at the Marysville turn. Road into Marysville the asphalt was still... weird... from the heat i guess.

    That was the first time we'd been up there since before the fires and couldn't believe the devastation and how much of Marysville and Kinglake are still just gone.

    ** Oh and didn't see a single marked or unmarked car or bike the whole trip!
  4. Re: Reefton Spur

    Update 31-1-2010.

    OMG! 80 kph for both spurs....woe!

    First run through since the fires. The recent winds left a fair amount of twigs and small branches. Mostly fine but tossed me wide in 3 corners after catching a branch mid corner. Change of undies and all was good. Reverse direction [Lillydale - Marysville - warburton] had more traffic and was the cleaner line.

    Speed check on the longer straight on the reefton (landcruiser hidden in bush). Went through 2 other speed cameras on my ride...looks like speed is the flavour of the month. Being a good boy, so no contributions to policemans ball.

    The Marysville / reefton stretch was fine. Couple of sections where spray on goo was bleeding through (looks glossy) but held fine at my moderate speeds.

    Black spur good, apart from a few branches on the upper end, police presence - though it may have been unrelated to traffic.
  5. Re: Reefton Spur

    Watch out for the Black Spur. I was coming down it on Thursday (11/02) & workmen were digging a drainage trench along the hillside.
    A grader was pushing the clay away & a couple of front end loaders were just dumping it over the side.
    Not sure just how much clean up they would do
  6. Re: Reefton Spur

    Was up there today :D a few big bumps, but the surface was smooth and clean, until about 2km from the end away from warburton, where there was a little leaf litter. but on the whole it was awesome :D :)
  7. Re: Reefton Spur

    Thanx for update.
  8. Re: Reefton Spur

    Avoid the Reefton Spur for a while.
    Drove through it yesterday heading towards the snow, first half from Warburton is ok but then it all gets a bit messy, lots of leaf litter and heaps of slippery and muddy patches.
  9. I went out for a spur ride yesterday (don’t ask me why).

    The Reefton - Virtually no leaf litter on the road, very impressive. Guess all the recent rain has cleared it up. Still snow on the banks, slippery surface and freezing temp. Give it a few spring weeks to warm up and it’s good to go.

    Black – Go for it. Usual wet patches in shaded areas but otherwise good.
  10. Went up Reefton this morning. There's a lot of bark, leaves and bits of branches etc on it at the moment.
  11. Great call twistngo (y)
    Was there last Saturday with 2 other Netriders and your description is spot on...some 'hairy' moments indeed.
  12. Tree crap is evident everywhere on the RS. Proceed with caution :)
  13. Lots of debris on the road and a small tree down half way up the twisty bits at the top.
    Tree was being removed as I passed on the return journey..
  14. Went through both spurs early this morning.

    Black spur was very good few bits of bark but all in centre of rd.

    Reefton however was a mess.

    Leaf litter and bark and branches everywhere.
  15. Thanks for the update. Thinking of heading out that way shortly. Did you go around Kinglake too if so any hazards there?
  16. No didn't do kinglake this morning.

  17. kinglake rd had some bark and a few wet spots this morning. chum creek had a few spots with bark etc. big gravel patch on yarra glen-healesville rd approaching healesville and smaller gravel patches everywhere.
  18. Cheers for the useful info as planning on riding on pretty much all the roads you mentioned.
  19. DSE Planned burns today- possible delays. They did the same a few weeks ago too. DSE 4WDs slowly crawling up and down on both sides of the road. They are burning the lower side of the road so expect some smoke.

    The guy there said they'll be doing the same this Saturday. FYI.
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  20. crap!! i am riding that puppy this saturday too