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[VIC] Reefton ride Sunday 13.3.05 *REPORT*

Discussion in 'VIC' started by javaman, Mar 9, 2005.


    The good people of Kwaka is going to ride Reefton Sunday 13.3.05

    Just show up to one of the meeting points. 37 bikes confirmed so far. Yes there are few non-Kwakas too ... will be shown the way :p The more the merrier they say ...

    Details of people on ride at locations as currently known at time of post. Melways References provided for ease of finding incase you dont know where the hell it is.
    Ballarat - Milk Bar opposite Kryal Castle on melbourne side of HWY 7:15

    1 Stace
    2 Scotty
    3 Mr T
    4 GSXR1100
    5 YZF R1
    6 Spewzi RF900 (Possible, KTM Cancled)
    7 Bobbi

    Maccas Deer Park 08:15 Melways ref: 25 a6

    8 Ron
    9 Dean
    10 Duane
    11 Mina
    12 Simmo
    13 Irishmale
    14 Mario
    15 Photomike
    16 Fabrice

    Shell Westgate 08:45 Melways ref: 42 H12

    17 icebreaker
    18 Rossi & Linda
    19 Star_Drifter
    20 Stalker
    21 recycled
    22 Tape
    23 Terrie
    24 Mizz ZZR

    Brighton Kwaka 09:15 Melways ref: 77 B2

    25 Smitty
    26 Topcat23
    27 smek
    28 Javaman
    29 Gayle

    KFC Narre Warren 10:00 Melways ref: 110 F6

    30 blackzxr
    31 corbywan
    32 zzr_angel
    33 vtrbob
    34 ZX6Angel
    35 Musty
    36 Baby1 (r1)
    37 Tack

    This is a group ride and as such, we will be picking up each group starting from Deerpark Maccas, and stopping at each location meantioned below, finally arriving at KFC Narre Warren to pick up the last of the group.
    From KFC Narre Warren:
    Along Princes Hwy through Berwick,
    LEFT at Beaconsfield-Emerald Rd (Map111 H11),
    Through Beaconsfield, Guys Hill, Upper Beac., Dewhurst & Emerald.
    RIGHT at Paternoster Rd (Map311 A9) *caution slippery intersection,
    LEFT at Bailey Rd (Map311 C *caution slippery intersection,
    LEFT at Pakenham Rd (Map311 G6),
    RIGHT at round-about Woori Yallock Rd (Map311 G3) *caution slippery/bumpy intersection,
    RIGHT at round-about Woori Yallock Rd (Map309 H11) (Woori Yallock Rd becomes Healesville-KooWeeRup Rd),
    Through Cockatoo, Nangana, Yellingbo into Worri Yallock.
    RIGHT at Warburton Hwy (Map286 F11), Into Warburton & Reefton.
  2. I'd like to join in on this. It'd be my first group ride. Just got my L's couple weeks ago. Is it ok if someone gives a simple breakdown. I.e is there lunch somewhere? And what time do you guys expect to arrive back, namely Brighton Kwaka.

    I have a VTR250 so I hope I'm not shunned if I join in :)
  3. There are at least 3 "L" riders in the group. Should be fine I reckon ...
  4. Hiya Javaman. If I can wake up early enough after my gig saturday night [winds up 3am] and the old body can cope, I'd like to join you guys at the Westgate Shell...

    I'm in Altona Meadows, so the pickup location is a beauty.

    I'll be on a gold ZX9r...


  5. just a note for anyone thinking of coming along, its definatly a learner friendly ride. BUT the times stated are the LEAVE
    The only delays from the leave points will be if the feeder group is late in, so pls aim to get there at least 1/4 to 1/2 an hr before the alotted time.

    With this big a group there will be corner markers and a dedicated tail marker so no one can get lost or left behind :)

  6. Would love to come along and add another ZX6 JavaMan....unfortunatly I'm being dragged off to a wedding that day :(

    Next time!
  7. HUH this sound nice 40 bikes!! I'll try to make it for sure!!!

    Good to the point VFR, I was just about to ask if you use "tail end charlie" method to keep the group together.

    Learner friendly, good!! Eventough I'm not a learner, I'm just as good (bad) as one! :cry:

    Hopefully I'll see you all on Sunday!!!
  8. Man, that's a decent size group.
    Almost as big as the Rebels group that ran past last Sunday's morning Maccas crew.
  9. BTW, maybe someone should put this event on event calendar!!!
  10. Pls pls tell me thats a typo :( its VTR for a reason :LOL: :LOL:

    people like Marty ride vfr's and im not going there lol

    oh if your comming along pls post up which meeting place and if your a definate :) so we can update the originating site :)
  11. YAY !! Bring on the Kwaks !! 8)
  12. hmm, where is brighton kwaka?
  13. Melways ref: 77 B2 or use whitepages.com.au for an address. :roll:
  14. It's at: 811 Nepean Hwy EAST BRIGHTON

    Just opposite Dendy Park (In between Centre Rd + South Rd)
  15. Brighton Kwaka to Narre Warren KFC in 45mins :!:
    Do you reckon you can do that, with that big a group (albeit riding in smaller groups) and keeping to speed limits and potentially skills of learners?

    Not having a go, just making an enquiry.

    On average takes me about 35 mins from Narre to Mentone at 6am, so from 10 minutes further up the road to 5 mins past my place on a Sunday and later in the day you could be struggling to make the meeting points
  16. I really hate to sound like a smartarse but the melways referance for all the meeting points is on the 1st post for this thread.

    pls if your thinking of coming post what meeting point you'll be at, so we have an idea on numbers at each point etc etc
  17. Im sorry once again ..... but this is a KSRC organised and set up run,
    the netrider post is only a curtasy post to boost an already impressive ride. everyone is welcome. but pls dont try and throw a spanner in the works
  18. Brighton
    on the hwy
    thought the Melways ref got posted.... :?
  19. We are thinking of Joining the ride from the Woori Yallock, Warburton Highway section, coming from Healesville, VTR 250, Wife CB250, any ideas on timing to reach Woori