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[VIC] Reefton/Marysville Ride, Sun 28th Aug

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by firefling, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. Edit: Stuff this ride, it got merged. Look at gsxbusa's post :D


    Great minds think alike....


    bwahahaha, almost kept a straight face for 5 seconds ;)
  2. Vroom!

    Sunday looks like being an excellent day.

    I'm going to get my girl scrubbed in nicely I think.
  3. I SO WISH I lived down there, I lived up the valley in the eighties, but only got to ride it on my old Kawa 250 triple two stroke..... sigh
  4. If that's the case, then by all means Frankie, hijack this thread with my blessings ;)
  5. Tempting but I think I need some alone time with Nelly this weekend, we've been apart for almost 2 weeks now. Time to rekindle the passion (before I climb out of my skin, damn cage!!!). Now which point of hte compass to pick.
  6. I'm in, but I'll meet up at Warbuton instead.

    Fling, any idea what time you'll be at Warbuton and also a possible meeting place. I assume lunch in MArysville??

    As I live in Alexandra, I'll end my ride here :wink:
  7. No idea, I'm a bit hazy with time, I just go by the sun (is there or isn't there? :p) Anybody else got a better time judgement than lil ole me?

    Lunch is whenever my stomach starts growling. Does anybody know if the Buxton pub is open? I've been meaning to try that place for ages.
  8. When you say "own pace" can you give some idea what that might be like?
  9. Uhh, I'd suggest expect the pace to be sprightly to quick. If Minna says go at your own place I imagine it means find folks who are at your level and we'll all meet up at the pub for lunch.
  10. Ok, this won't be the usual group ride thing. Far from it. I don't plan on doing that many stops, probably just the towns/areas I named. I don't want to be ride leader, it's just the way I'm going so feel free to overtake me and meet me in the next town. If you get lost, I'm not going to send anybody to look for you. You can send me a sms and I'll try my best to give you directions.
  11. (VIC)Reefton/Marysville Sun 28th Aug05

    Meeting: 10am Sunday 28th August 05 at Peter Stevens Dandenong

    Level of experience: any

    Hello peoples :)

    Well Sunday is shaping up to be a beautiful sunny 23 degrees \:D/ so time to get out to mix n mingle with anyone. With this ride catering for any level of experience would be a good opportunity for people to master their bike and cornering a little more.

    Heading off from Peter Stevens Dandenong we'll head for emerald via Hallam/Belgrave Rd and Wellington Rd then Woori Yallok to take us to Warbi for some refreshments/coffee etc...

    From there take off to Reefton for a blat and continue down to Marysville bakery for a pie or a cake or whatever... Then thru the Black Spur to Healsville Ampol servo. From there each individual can decide which way to head for home.

    This ride will not be a flat out ride but with the exeption of Reefton spur and Black Spur :wink:

    Anyone wishing to overtake the leader may do so(providing they know the way and remember to corner mark) but please consider waiting for everyone else.

    A day to enjoy :)

    This thread will be finalised late Saturday night

    Cheers Franky 8)
  12. Yep. I'll take one please! :D
  13. Thx for the SMS heads-up Franky.
    I'll be there as long as this damn uni assignment gets finished in time.
    New front sprocket to take for a blat! :D
  14. Oh... I just got the... I'm taking the little one to the park if it is such a nice day... from my wife... SOOOO I might go to the park.... NOT!!!

    I'll be there with bells on!!

    *my bike will have to be serviced after this ride... I'm so going to thrash it...
  15. Hmm...spend time with Shannon or go for a ride...spend time with Shannon or go for a ride...spend time wi...oh bugger it 23 deg days are pretty rare these days...I'll risk it

  16. Thanks for the sms Frank! Will try to be there.. my bike is having a make over by OCD Racing so fingers crossed i get it back soon.. cant wait:)!
  17. I'm so f@#king there.
  18. Let me check your calender ;)
    I'm sure we will be out on the bikes on Sunday but to where....who knows, might see you up there :D
  19. Not happy got some other stuff to do on Sunday, why do people do this to me, catch the next one maybe....
  20. will there be any Ducks on this ride?

    if so this lil black Duck will tag along

    cheers ratty