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[VIC] Reefton/Black spurs ride 12th Dec

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. due to no work, and decent weather, i'll be doing this run again, but in REVERSE.

    meeting point is Lilydale Maccas, 10am for (breakfast :LOL: :p) and a 10:20 departure. full tanks please.

    lilydale-warburton-reefton-marysville-healesville-kinglake-st andrews-warrandyte-home.

    petrol stop in healesville/spur if needed, lunch at Rays. cut a few laps, then back on track. i need to be home by 4:30, but i doubt this will run anywhere near that long.

    PM me if coming, see you there :)


    sorry about the delay posting up (to those who i msgd), finally got home from work :roll: aaanyway, here's the details.

    meet: Warrandyte, opposite the Pub. theres a carpark on the riverside, right where the pedestrian crossing is. 10am meet for a 10:15 sharp departure.

    route: warrandyte up through st andrews king lake, and back down to healesville. cut some laps on the spur, then lunch at either the roadhouse, or further on in marysville.
    from their to reefton spur, possibly sidetracking up lake mountain if we feel like it.
    down to warburton, and a run up mount donna buang. back down, and from their im thinking home thorugh launching place, down to gembrook, and back in through cockatoo, emerald, and belgrave.

    if anyone wants to meet up around lunch if theyre busy in the morning, feel free. or just join in for part the ride, and head off early.

    this will not be a wild hoon ride (trinity :p), but it probably isnt suitable for those lacking confidence/L platers. will be keeping a fair pace (for me, so its not that fast :p), but no one will be left behind.

    anyone coming, please post up here before 1am, or text me in the morning if your coming, so i know who to wait for.

    again sorry about the delays with the EOI.

    see you all in the morn, 10am warrandyte!!

    Nibs :grin:
  2. Yeh mate, as you know i'm busy in the morn but i'll try meet you up the spur when i'm done, i'll shoot you a message when i'm nearby, keep your eyes peeled for me tho. Cheers buddy, have fun
  3. Thanks for the day out mate, had a good time. Pity I was the ONLY one to meet you but meh... Their loss hey!

    Just made it to my thing on time last night too prob shouldn't have done the twisties on the way home huh lol

    Catchya tuesday mate.
  4. haha yeah, i managed to squeeze in a feed before work, but no time to get home to get my locker keys lol. was a great day though. fark there was alot of buggage to clean off today :LOL:
  5. Not wrong, just cleaned the helmet then! Could hardly see on the way home this arvo :shock: :LOL:
  6. *EDIT*

    ride is on again, see OP :)