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[VIC] Red SV650s @ 45 Collins St

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Holster, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Dude - your parking lights are on.

  2. but my topic got moved...
  3. Haha I'm at 55 Collins st....noticed that sv650 out the front actually but didn't notice its lights on....

    Lots of nice bikes out the back on flinders lane though! theres 4 street/speed triples in a row lol
  4. Does a hot random girl ride it...??

  5. How is a girl "random"?
  6. :-#

  7. Hormones...
  8. But my boobs look better
  9. Just saw it... Driving on the fwy sharing a story about a truck losing it's load... technically not a General forum thread...

    Holly's boobs (i.e., thread) however, are right on topic. :)
  10. Prove it, Pics!

    (bonk is in Sydney, he may not have seen them).
  11. See that fkn awesome z750?
  12. =P~

    Oh well then 10 characters of drool
  13. What....the black one out the front??

    Looked pretty standard to me??
  14. OMG my bike is far from standard...I own it for starters :p
  15. 2) it flys... vertically...
  16. 3) Right angle oggy knobs
  17. LOL my bad! Of course....very awesome then... ;-)

    See the white 09 CBR1000RR parked down the road before?
  18. 4) HSV's can't damage it - in fact it damages them.
    5) likes suprise sex from gixers.
    the list just goes on.....