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[VIC] Red light taxi

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Donuts, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. This isn't really MY near miss, but that's only because of sheer luck.

    On my way home from the 'Riders not hoons' protest in Melbourne today, I split (8-[) to the front of a set of lights and sit behind a couple of scooters that have done the same before me. There's enough room between them for me to squeeze in, but not wanting to be rude and in no rush, I sit back between a couple of cars.

    Light goes green, and the scooters scoot off... I start doing the same but hear a horn, and next thing I know there's a taxi directly infront of us all-but cleaning up the bloke on scooter ](*,). I'm not sure if it was timing, luck or the 'Gods' were looking down on him, but he managed to end up hitting the back end of the taxi, not straight on into it, or worse under it (which was my first analysis and I swear my heart skipped a beat).

    All happened really fast but everyone stopped behind us (kudos on peak hour city traffic for doing that - not that they had much choice, me and the other scooter guy pretty much blocked all the lanes). The girl on the other scooter quickly stopped and asked if he was alright, then went on her way, then I hopped off my bike and went over to do the same.

    By this stage he was already standing up and about to walk his poor slightly mangled scooter out of the intersection. I gave him the taxis number (turns out he'd stopped just outside the intersection - I'd just assumed the worse considering it was a taxi driver who has no issue running a red 3 seconds in) and asked if he was alright, he said he was fine and it was his own fault for only checking to his right for red-light runners, not his left. He thanked me for stopping and I wished him luck and went on my way.

    This really struck a nerve with me because it all happened so, so fast and if I'd played my cards differently (i.e. been rude and ducked to the front of the two scooters, or been there 30 seconds earlier etc), I have NO doubt I'd be in hospital right now (I was off in my own world at the time and hadn't checked EITHER direction properly, which is unlike me, and I would've taken off harder and thus been T-boned). It was also the first accident of 2 wheels vs 4 wheels I've seen.

    In retrospect, I feel bad for leaving so quickly (I wasn't in a rush, but my bike WAS sitting in the middle of a busy intersection in peak hour and the lights had just changed) - should've gone over with the guy, made sure he was really alright (I remember at my first accident I was 'fine'... until I finally went to the hospital 8 hours later in agony because my shoulder was dislocated and I'd ran out of adrenaline :p ), offered him my number as a witness and given the taxi driver a verbal beating (plus called the cops to ensure he was charged... not sure if they'd bother though anyway :-s).

    Shitty end to a nice day, and a wakeup call for me (didn't enjoy the rest of the ride home at all). Scooter-guy if you're reading this - hope you're alright mate and your scooter too, and kudos on wearing the right gear :angel: - bet it's paid itself off already!
  2. Bloody red light runners.
    That and drink driving are the worst crimes one can commit on the road IMO.

    Good wake up call for checking for red runners before entering and intersection...
  3. I thought doing 5kph over the speed limit was the worst crime on our roads.
  4. Yeah, thinking back about it makes me a lot angrier than I was at the time. A matter of seconds could have meant that rider would be hospitalised, or much worse. How anyone can justify to themselves running a red like that to save maybe a few minutes is beyond me.
  5. BS Speeding is the only cause for crashes/injury and the only crime that one can commit on the road!! :demon:
  6. I have filtered to the front at lights one day and it was lucky i looked left as i took off because a nice big 4x4 went speeding to catch the lights..

    Glad that situation wasnt worse though! Thats why we have red lights.. to stop?
  7. Yeah, 2-3 weeks ago, in the POURING rain, the only thing visible (basically) IS the traffic lights and other lights. But nope, some guy goes through the red 3-5 seconds after it was green for me.

    Almost took me out, thankfully I was going slow as a snail due to road conditions and I JUST saw him. There was tonnes of traffic, so it's not like he would have failed to see the stopped traffic next to him. This guy was going about 90 in a 70 zone too, in those conditions. Scary stuff.
  8. Never, never trust shitbox 4x4's and SeriouslyUglyVehicle's. f@ckers have the shittiest brakes, tyres and handling in the 4 wheel world, and some of the worst rude and arrogant drivers outside of the hopelessly incompetent in the cosseted beige cardigan world of volvo, subaru, honda.

    These maybe generalizations, but generalizations that have served well for over 30 years on road...Trust no-one, evil 4 wheeled f@ckers are all out to get you. Now, where's my tinfoil hat
  9. You're nearly right. Never, never, ever trust your safety to ANYONE else.