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[Vic] Recycled Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Drew, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Has anyone had dealings with them or can tell me if they are ok.

    looking around at bike and they seem to pop up often as having rebuilt crashed bikes. Are they reputable at this and is a rebuilt bike really worth it. reason i am asking is their price seems to be well below other dealers. Have not contacted them yet so i am assuming that this may be because no RWC etc just basic bake and i fix the rest etc.

    I'll stop here and not leap to assumptions. :)
  2. Whereabouts are they?
  3. Sounds like a plan. Just beware though. If the bike has been written off and its Compliance Plate removed then you can't re-register it as a road bike, only a track/ride day bike.
  4. lilydale i beleive
  5. I checked them out when I was in the market for my first bike. Taking into account my complete newb status at the time, they seemed ok to me. I'm not sure how many repair jobs they do - I think their main business is in importing 250s from Japan and compliancing them.
  6. aahhh like sumoto??

    got bad vibes of the guy there though
  7. I think Recycled is a small family business. I checked them out quite early on, before I was seriously shopping for a bike.

    I don't know anyone who's had any dealings with them.
  8. ahh ok.... will be a while yet before i buy anyway...

    need to get $....hoping to sell some gear first to pay for bike/permit and outfit
  9. Yep then thats::

    I have... and the words DODGY come to mind. I knew the bloke who useta spray the bikes they sell. You'd be better off looking for a low KM bike from the trading post- bikepoint even if you gotta do some work on it yaself to bring it up to scratch. :wink:
  10. cheers

    not realy keen on dealers to much...would prefer to buy from a private sale.....
  11. Caveat: I haven't had any direct dealings with them.

    Looking through the ads they had in "Just Bikes", they used similar tricks as Sumoto - taking old bikes, respraying them, and advertising them as "latest model"!
  12. 99% of the time you get what you PAY for
  13. I wish that where true with 250 Motorcycle Recyclers/importers.
    There it seems You get what they can get you for :LOL:
  14. I had dealings with them... of sorts...

    1. they are in competition with Sumoto
    2. they work with Sumoto
    3. they are Sumoto
    4. %99 of gray imports are brought here as crashed bikes and repared here... complianced and sold.
    5. Look cerfuly at the compliance plate. Southside dismentlers (I think that is the name) is the No1 importer and %100 of their bikes come here crashed.
    6. if you are looking for a gray import try and find one with original paint and complianced in the mid 90s that way at least you have a better chance at finding one that come here whole.
  15. like to avaoid grey if i can....but i do like the spadas.

    but i'm looking more at a simple 2nd hand cb250 to start with then get something nice later on.
  16. like to avaoid grey if i can....but i do like the spadas.

    but i'm looking more at a simple 2nd hand cb250 to start with then get something nice later on.
  17. get an old 80's bike... drop it crash it and throw it away... or sell it on and get your money back...

    you will be looking at about $1500 for something with RWC and Reg.

    I know of a FZR250 for sale for about $2000 (no reg. no RWC) and a SRX250 for $2000 (with RWC??)

    But I still think these are to expensive... I bought my first bike for $500 and spent $600 geting RWC and Reg...
  18. was looking at an 86 VT250 in the paper..$1800 drive away with 4 months reg. 50000 on the clock
  19. The Spada's were only made in one year in Japan, 1989. And one year here, 1990.

    The number of "new" grey import spada's should be fairly limited these days, as the 15 year limit on vehicicles in Japan is now past.
  20. well sumoto here in melb seem to have few of em

    problem is if i buy one from a private owner... what's to say it'd not the same as the crap from the importers/repairers?? just lower priced?