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[VIC] Recommended shop for suspension adjustment

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by dbrain, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    My bike's suspension is a bit hard for my weight (I think), so the smallest bump causes some pretty annoying effects. Usually I just put a bunch of pressure on the pegs and it doesn't effect me too much on a straight, but it throws me off a bit if I hit a bad patch of road while cornering.

    I have a Street Triple 660, with no user accessible suspension adjustment settings. Has anyone had their suspension adjusted by a shop on a bike like this? Good experiences/bad experiences? Pricing?

    I probably won't bother if it's going to cost the world, but if not it'd be nice to get it sorted for my body weight.

  2. Got my bike resprung and revalved at Race Dynamics in Kensington and it's been the best money i've spent on it.

    If i lived out east side i'd probably have gone to KroozTune, have heard nothing but good feedback about them and their prices are cheaper than most places.
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  3. Ah awesome, thanks heaps! Do you remember how much it cost?
  4. Race Dynamics was the most expensive of the lot but they were close to me.
    Was $1100, they were suppose to only do the springs and revalve the rear but they ended up revalving the front as well i think which should've been an extra 500 or so.
    I remember KroozeTune quoted around the $800-900 range for springs and revalve both ends so should be a lot cheaper just for springs.
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  5. Great. Thanks again! A bit more than I was hoping. Will give them a call and see how much I need to save.
  6. Hi. another option is
    Home - Suspensions-R-Us
    and you could at least get another opinion and quote.
    I've found Izzy pretty good to deal with in the past.
    What rear tyre pressure are you running? I found the manual recommendation for my Street Triple of 42psi way too hard and run at 38psi. That also seems to be the consensus on the street triple forum.
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  7. Great, thanks. Guess it can't hurt to call all 3 and see what the numbers are.
    Running as per the manual, 34 front, 42 rear. I'll look into it again, last time I was reading up on tyre pressure I couldn't find any great consensus, so went with the manual.
  8. Have a play with tyre pressure first, 1-2 psi can make a difference, make sure you have a decent gauge, if that doesn'thelp I would look at rear suspension first as this will be transmitting the bumps to you most, forks can come later
  9. Before you go add a cable tie tight to one of the forks, helps them see how much travel you are using. How much do you weigh, it your a real lightweight, less than I was going to say 70kg but even that should still be in the bikes design specs . Have you set the sag in the rear. Easy job to do your self.
  10. Can also recommend Izzy from Suspensions R Us. He did the suspension on my ZZR for me. Most suspension shops can assist with just set up as well as replacing bits etc, but as ZimZim mentioned, it's pretty easy do some of this work yourself to try and get a better feel from your stock suspension first. Especially if you don't want the outlay, although I do think on most bikes it's a very worth while mod to make.
  11. Hi
    I know you don't have a ohlins shock but Ohlins do a great how to adjust suspension in there owners manuals.