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[vic] Recieved a letter from the EPA today... {moved from general

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by SamG, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Well as the title suggests, got a letter from the EPA today saying that my vehicle (675 daytona) had been reported by a member of victoria police and was considered to be either excessively noisy or to have had a faulty exhaust system. I know the exhaust isn't faulty, but I still have to go and get it tested etc. then present the certificate to the EPA. :jerk:

    When I bought it second hand I was told it had a 'factory race pipe' from new as it was a demo from Peter Stevens (and they'd put all the extras on it), as far as I know the bike now is as it was when it was new from the dealer.

    I'm fairly certain it will pass the test, I believe it needs to be 94dB at 3000rpm, its just more frustrating than anything else..

    Has anyone else had any experiences with this?

  2. Re: Recieved a letter from the EPA today...

    Most people who have way too noisy, over the carbon emissions limit exhaust systems keep the stock exhaust in their garage. When the EPA letter comes, they just whack the stock system on, go up to the closest EPA approved testing facility, pay the $30 or whatever it is, and put the aftermarket back on when they get home.
  3. Re: Recieved a letter from the EPA today...

    yeah, if that was an option to me I'd probably do it, but this is the exhaust it came with...

    hopefully it passes the test, otherwise I don't know what I'll do
  4. Re: Recieved a letter from the EPA today...

    He bought as is, so i doubt he has an original stock exhaust as it was already altered when he got it. All the best mate, what a waste of time and effort.

    If it doesn't pass the test then i'd raise it with Peter Stevens as it wasn't rode compliant when they sold it to you meaning it shouldn't have passed RW and they wouldn't be able to sell it to you without RWC. Hope it doesn't come to that. (as far as i understand)
  5. Re: Recieved a letter from the EPA today...

    there was the exact same thread on here rather recently (past two months) whereby someone bought their bike from peter stevens, and got an epa notice. got it tested, it was over, but peter stevens ended up paying for it etc and they dealt with it completely.

    prior to getting it tested, speak with peter stevens.
  6. Re: Recieved a letter from the EPA today...

    the issue I may have with that is I'm the 2nd owner, the guy before me bought it from Peter Stevens, does anybody know if a roadworthy certificate covers noise?

    Fingers crossed it passes...
  7. do a search on the forums the answers are here
  8. sorry, just found it...apologies for the wrong location also

  9. Re: Recieved a letter from the EPA today...

    Read this thread and that thread.

    Its not relevant whether you bought bike brand new or if you're the 50th owner.

    What state are you in? I've not heard of RWC including a noise test before. This thread may be of assistance.

  10. Thanks Justus,

    In the end I just bought a standard muffler and fitted it for the test, passed with no problems, honestly couldn't be bothered trying to chase down someone to blame, I know for next time.

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