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[VIC] RDO/Shift Workers ride , Wed Apr 18th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: im.on.it

    Meet point: Anaconda Car Park
    Cnr Dorset Rd and Canterbury Rd (there's a Mobil next door)

    Meeting Time: 09:45 am
    Departure Time 10:00 am

    Distance :~200km

    Probably a late lunch at either Marysville or Healesville

    All are welcome, happy for...

    ... more

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  2. hmmm... I was sure I put up route info on there...

    well here's a map
  3. Looks like a good route... :p ...I'll see you there! :)
  4. Heya Nee...not gonna make this unfortuantely. Picking the bike up at Mornington Honda around midday/1pm. If you've got nothing better to do, come down and watch me ride unsteadily on the new machine. :LOL:
  5. Rosie your bike looks hawt!! where's blackcherry? is she traded in?
    I know you'll take to it like duck to water. Good idea to scrub them brand new tyres in before hitting the twisties.

  6. Damn, this was made after the friday newsletter came out and I only just noticed it. No way I will have time to wake up and "get settled" before joining. Hopefully next time! Just make sure to create the thread on Thursday if possible so I can read it in the weekly email/newsletter about "What's on" :) Have a fun day!
  7. Would have been great to have you guys come along - hopefully there will be some other faces coming as I've always had a good ride going out with Nee - especially with the lack of traffic on weekdays!
  8. Hey Nee, I think I saw you up at Healesville today - bout 1pm. I was standing outside the Beechworth bakery scoffing myself silly with snickerdoodles. *yum*

    You rode past with a few others?

    Hope you all had a good ride today. I know I did :cool: :LOL:
  9. Hey Rosie, could well have been us, I reckon you would have recognised that boiling kettle sound

    Wow what a gorgeous day to be out on the bike.
    Thanks for coming Jules and Rick. hope I didn't hold you guys up too much. Seems running wide in corners is becomming a habit of late. Might be time to do a cornering course or HART intermediate.

    They day started of with awesome weather, I turned up at meet point just a few minutes past 9:45 I blame it on checking tyre pressures. Anyways the carpark was a lot fuller than I had anticipated for a Wednesday morning. I zoomed around looking for other bikes and bikers found one fella standing neext to his bike give him a nod as I roll past. turn back and notice the netrider.net.au sticker on his front screen. Aha!

    Introduce myself and wait for anther to come. all 3 of us left the carpark right on the dot.deal with very little traffic and head onto Mountain Hwy. This short little road is becoming a little favourite of mine, reminds me of a wider version of the kinglake/st.andrews road. Only this one is a few km shorter.

    Sassafras to Monbulk is a pretty cruisey ride sticking very close to speed limits. But I love that down hill left hand hairpin. The road then opens up a bit and so does the old throttle hand all the way along to Gembrook I finally get a bit of rythm and pace going and shot straight past the turn off. :grin: when the others catch up I'm jut about to do a u-turn.

    Gembrook to LP I'm always a little wary of the bumps and the gravel that was on there from the last time I rode it. running wide a few times because I'm either rolling off throttle after spotting gravel and/or washing off more speed than I really need to.

    The story repeats itself along the Reefton spur, at first I didn't even notice the gravel until a passing car kicked some small stones up. I slow right down and run wide a few more times luckily no other traffic. At this point I'm thinking I need to do something about my riding skills. I can handle most situations I've put myself in not paying attentionto thecar in front, locking up rear tyres is another bad habbit. (unintentionally)

    Reefton to Marysville was the best bit of road of the day for me. smooth around corners focussing on my entry and exits points. LOOKING through the corner. The black spur was just another lap and was over so quickly I hardly even noticed. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing... Then stopping at the Caltex for some fuel in Healesville Rick offered to take us back to Belgrave way via Woori Yallock. Nice smooth roads here. reminds me of Christmas Hills.

    After leaving Belgrave, Jules and I headed back along Burwood hwy, long straight bits I like to chuck my elbow on the tank and relax a bit... hey where's my tank bag?!? (well the magnetic zip off bit with map holder) I did take it off at the servo in Healesville and I did fix it back on the tank.

    Then I remembered when going along the road to woori yallock I noticed my speedo was rather high yet my bike was rather smooth (usually bounces all over the place anything above 120) I didn't notice the truck coming the other way and BANG it hit me! (the gusty trail wind - NOT the truck) I thought to myself Geeez I really felt that one! and decided to slow down a bit and tuck in just in case another truck comes tootlin' along.

    Anyways back to the tank bag thing. :grin: I back track from Burwood Hwy near Knox City all the way to where that huge gust of wind hit me somewhere near Yellingbo and found the bottom half of my tank bag on the side of the road. I knew something more than a gust of wind had hit me I just didn't realize it when it happened. :p Make sure your tank bags are on securely kids. :grin:

    Headed back towrds the Mt Dandnong tourist roads and headed for home. ran wide on one corner... some loose stones freakin' me out (this was happening all day)... and came within a beez d!ck of hitting on coming. I know I ran wide quite a few times today but was lucky that no cars were coming in the opposite direction. And by running wide I mean by a foot or so over the centre line. pretty easy to save it if I'm not going too fast. But I'm only a few months away from being able to upgrade... and I'm thinking... just thinking...
  10. Hey Nee..I knew you guys were gonna be up there so I was keeping an eye out for the silver hornet. I was kicking myself because your mob no is on my old, run over, no longer working, mobile. Would've rang you to see if you wanted to meet up. Oh well...next time. Gotta show you the bike. :) Can you pm me your number?

    Reading the above it sounds like you were just having a difficult day...we all have them... :) don't beat yourself up about it. I'll bet you a cup of boiling water that next time you go out for a ride, everything will just be sweet as. :cool:

    I love it when I'm having a good run...and when I'm not, I'm learning it's best to ride like a granny till I get home.

    If you're really after a good run, head up to the Murray River rd. It flows better than the not so mighty river itself. You can get into a really good rhythm on it. Bliss.