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[VIC] RBT and need to dismount & licence checks the norm

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, May 21, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Interesting behaviour of staff at RBT's. Would like to know if they always make a motorcyclist dismount and remove helmet to take a breath sample, coupled with a licence check.

    I recently bought a nolan helmet with the full face swing up visor, and in the two times I have gone through a RBT, just lifted it up whilst still mounted on the bike done the rbt thing and then rode off.

    Just from an experience point of view, always get sampled when in my car and never had to turn the engine off, get out or show a licence?

    Your thoughts! :)
  2. Usually most cops just seem to wave bikes through RBTs since drunk riders are pretty easy to spot and also aren't actually that common (statistically they've got a much higher chance of catching drunks if they go after 4wds). Of course most riders that are caught or crash when drunk are also usually unlicenced so kinda makes sense they'd check your licence at the same time. What you should be worried about is why they thought you might have been drinking, might say something about how you ride :p :LOL:.
  3. Once a guy told me to remove my helmet. The (hot) chick behind him (copper) told him not to make me remove my helmet, just to fiddle around with it enough to get the straw in.

    I moved my helmet around, blew into the thing and blew 0. He then told me to just split through the witches hats to get out of there and I left with a pat on the back.

    It's more common to get flagged through though.
  4. I've always pulled the front of the helmet down enough for them to get the tube through the front.

    If they were conducting a licence check then yes, it is a valid request to remove your helmet.

    If all riders actually dismounted, removed gloves & helmet it would slow the RBT down enough to piss them off ;) make them think twice about annoying riders ;)
  5. I usually get waved through. If they do want to breath test me I make a point of switching off the engine, dismounting, taking off my gloves, taking off my sunnies, taking off my helmet, blowing in the straw (it's a country thing), putting my helmet back on, fastening the strap, undoing and removing my helmet again, taking neck warmer from seat bag, putting neck warmer on, putting helmet on again, fastening strap again, putting sunnies on, putting gloves on, mount bike, switching ignition on (wait for FI to do it's stuff), start bike and ride off. :)
  6. I spent the entire evening last friday at an RBT stop on the Westgate and I think I only saw one guy actually remove his helmet because they couldn't get the straw in through the visor. A bit of a pain for him. The rest seemed to do fine, particularly the lucky bugger with the Nolan flip up.
  7. I don't need to take off my helmet. I've been through in a rush and it was no problem. :) That's not the point. :wink: :LOL:
  8. The obvious question is:


  9. He's a sly one, that Buckles. I'm gonna use that routine. Heh heh.
  10. i get one almost every week on the way to castlemain or back

    a lot wave you though.

    had one insist on doing the full helmet off and check....at about 0 degrees C :evil:

    mind you have met a few of the local cops who also ride...... spent 20 minutes doing a RBT once... spent most of the time chatting about bikes and general riding stuff.
  11. I have never had to take my helmet off, even with license check...I guess the chances of a girl on a bike having another girl's license is fairly slim :p

    I just pull my helmet down and no problems. I hardly ever even see a RBT station these days, but always know where they've been. Its scary how many cars can be parked at the side of the freeway on a Sunday morning :shock:
  12. I've always wondered about this... Interesting.
  13. In NSW the RBT sensor no longer has a straw to breath into, the copper just points it at you and you count to ten. I'm going to guess this will require your helmet to be removed.
  14. :roll:

    I'd much prefer to have to stop at every RBT station, and have the unlicensed/drunk motorcycle statistics come down because they are being caught during a standard check!
  15. Yeah I think I'll do that, but just to take a REALLY long time to get them hell annoyed :cool: .

    But seriously though, they want people in and out, if you're doing all that you will be just annoying them.

  16. ... And maybe give them a chance to take a closer look at your bike for roadworthiness! :wink:
  17. I was being a good little Jaffa for the evening. Plus I seem to have a masochistic streak when it comes to sleep deprivation.
  18. I used to have a new jag for a co car every year.
    I was always waved through when I had a collar and tie on. Musta looked like a lwayer or something.

    In the FJ, I was always stopped.
    So far, never on the bike!
  19. Won't work these days. Look like a lawyer now and they'll give you a drug test... :LOL:

    The few times I've been pulled over I've never had to take the helmet off. I asked a cop I know about it some years back and he said that they very rarely find riders over .05 - usually they blow zero to .01

    This was the rotten sod who saw me come in once and teed his mate up to ask me to step into the van for another test while he hid behind the van laughing his head off at the expression on my face. Even when you haven't had a drink it's bloody scary to have that happen.

    When I asked him what he'd have done if I'd blown a positive test he replied "kept hidden"! :evil:
  20. I was pulled over for a breath test on the bike and I did the pull the front of the helmet a bit down so I can get the straw through the front (which was fine).

    Then he asks to see my license...

    1. turn off bike.
    2. dismount.
    3. remove gloves.
    4. realise I can't see what I'm doing with helmet on and remove helmet.
    5. start to remove wet weather over pants (by this stage the cop is looking peeved and asks where my license is and I say in my jeans rear pocket).
    6. get waved on coz it's all too much trouble and a que is forming behind me :LOL: