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[vic] Rally driving information

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by mipearson, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. Not the protest kind. The dirty vehicle kind.

    After bottoming out the 1984 BMW 323i and smashing the front into the fence while trying to negotiate Kate's driveway, I'm really beginning to think that the thing's not worth salvaging, not even as a hand-me-down to Kate. I might as well get what fun out of it I can while I can.

    When I was a pizza boy I knew a kid who used to rally his Datsun 120Y. It didn't have a race-cage or fire extinguisher or any of that other stuff that people stick on cars when they race them and make it near impossible for the hobbyist to get into the field. It didn't even have dirt tires.

    So. Does anybody know where / who these guys are? I'm talking about really amateur stuff here - I'll get a CAMS license if I have to but as soon as a scrutineer comes near my vehicle I'm stuffed. I've looked into motor racing before but the cost and wank factor was way too high, so the less of both the better.

    (apologies for the car-centric post)

  2. Contact CAMs for a local club. Ring a few and have a chat. Talk to others and join a club before you touch the car. Racing modification rules are different to street cred.

    Motorkhana's (racing around a set course in a paddock) are the cheapest, and i think a lot of fun, no mods to car required, at the base level.

    I think you will find that if you want to "rally" you will need a roll cage and lots of extras. there is a new Hyundai rally series starting next year, estimate cost to prepare a car $8-10,000, then the up keep.

    If you want to do sprints (Calder & phillip island etc) you shouldn't need a cage at the base level, but will need safety equipment, fire extinguisher, bonnet locks etc.

    Your car will need to be safe, as opposed to road worthy, similar but different.

    Once you move from the basic level costs go up
    I intend to start my kids in the motorkhana in may when the first turns 12.

    Are u in the CBD?
    Tail end charlie
  3. Yeah, thing is this vehicle certainly didn't have a roll cage, so I'm thinking it wasn't a CAMS affiliated (or recognized) rally. Probably just a bunch of mates tearing around somebody's plantation. This is the sort of thing I'm looking out for, hence why I haven't already contacted CAMS / car clubs.

    If I tried to take my car to a sprint I'd be laughed off the track. It's an old 2.3 litre EFI which tops out at about 160kph. It used to handle well, but the suspension's shot. I'm just trying to have a bit of rough fun with it before it goes to the great car-yard in the sky!

    Motorkhana sounds interesting, though.

    And yes, I live in the CBD. I store my car at my girlfriend Kate's place.
  4. Motorkhana is probably your best bet in an old banger as it's more about driver skill then anything else.

    Don't go rallying without cage, harness, buckets and gear. You're just far to likely to kill yourself.
  5. Yup, go contact and join a CAMS affiliated club listed on the CAMS website (www.cams.com.au) and go for it - different events require different levels of equipment. Motorkhanas were a hoot, but I used to enjoy Sprints and Rallies the best. Long ago, I used to race what was once a Datsun 180B SSS.

    Basic CAMS licences needed for club events used to be a form and a few dollars, but after that there were driving courses and more money (I think they were called A-class in those days, but its been so long). It can become very expensive very quickly after club level races!

    Join a club, do some events and have a hoot!


  6. Get used to being laughed at, and lauging at yourself. depends what club, they all think every other make of car is funny, just like bike people really.

    Some clubs are really social and you have as much fun at gatherings as competitions, once accepted you will be fine, so a club is the best way to go.
  7. Entry level fun - look in to motorkhanas, khanacrosses and autocrosses. Autocross would probably be the closest thing you'd get to a full rally.
  8. Depending on what level of Rallying you get into you may not need a cage (roll over protection not the actual car :p ) or even fire resistant overalls.

    Have a poke around the CAMS web site.

    Winton run Fun Days a couple of times a year which are very "Run what ya brung" days but you'll still need basic safety equipment like a small fire extinguisher, ankle to wrist non nylon clothing.

    You just need to look around at what's available and pick the type of fun you want to have.

    And, yes some will laugh at the Beemer but hey your out there having fun so who cares.........
  9. There are plenty of events that can be run in a car without a cage, though many may still require a fire extinguisher and to wear a helmet. The sort of clubs you're probably looking for are "light" car clubs - nothing to do with the weight of the vehicle more an indication that they're not involved in serious racing. There's quite a large light car club here in Ballarat, seen quite a few unusual cars running in local rally events (Volvo P144 for example) so doubt a BMW would look out of place.
  10. Thanks guys - you've been a great help. I'll start looking into local clubs and light events soon.
  11. Oh and don't use your bike helmet either.

    Bike helmets are heavier than car helmets as they have to withstand multiple impact in an off where car helmets usually one have to withstand one hit to the B pillar or similar in a sudden stop.

    A heavy bike helmet could result in severe neck damage or worse as a result and I know of one example in the past ten years or so of that happening.