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[VIC] Rally against speed cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rdkls, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. Long weekend with a massive road blitz maybe not the right weekend to do it.....
    This sort of thing needs to be carefully run when you're up against the pretence of speed cameras being all about safety....
    Hope they're pushing the line on how they're used rather than removing them all together as it may back fire.
  2. As I have a basic respect for my own privacy, this link is not available to me. Can someone enlighten?
  3. From the Facebook page.

    “The Australian Sovereignty Party Association, in conjunction with AussieSpeedingFines.com, is calling all concerned with liberty and justice to stand with us in opposition to the criminal use of speeding/red-light/safety cameras, more appropriately known as “revenue raising cameras!” According to section 80 of our constitution which upholds the right of trial by jury, and according to common law which requires that at least 2 living witnesses are necessary to testify against a defendant in order that guilt may be established, the use of often faulty and entirely unaccountable speeding cameras, which cannot be cross examined in a court of law, to determine guilt of a traffic offence is illegitimate and unlawful.

    If you are fed up with a government that is prepared to trample on our highest laws to squeeze the public for more money, if you are concerned that this same big brother camera system is being used to track and trace every motorist, removing our privacy and freedom, if you want to make your voice heard demanding that this fraud will no longer be accepted by the public, then come along and stand with us. Bring your friends and family along and let us send a message to the government.

    We will be holding the rally on Monday 14th June (Queen's birthday holiday) to commence at 12pm. The event will be held at Flagstaff Gardens, closest to the corner of Williams St and Latrobe St, Melbourne CDB. We will discuss the unlawful use of cameras to issue speeding tickets and other traffic infringement notices, and educate you on your rights concerning these matters. We will then be marching a short distance down William St. to the headquarters of TENEX (speed camera operator) which is also the same location as the Infringements court (not a court of competent jurisdiction), and demand an end be put to the unlawful use of speeding cameras.”
  4. That's pretty short notice! How long has this been in the works before we heard of it?
    Good luck with it if I don't get there. I hope there will be a follow up.
  5. That part of the constitution refers to criminal offences not traffic offences.
  6. exactly smee
    The two elements of a criminal offence

    For a criminal offence to occur there must be two main elements - the prohibited conduct and the mental element of a guilty mind or intention. Unless an offence falls into the unusual category of a strict liability offence, the prosecution must, in order to prove that a person has committed an offence, show that both these elements were present.

    For example, if a person intentionally and without lawful excuse (such as self defence) strikes another without that person's consent, an assault has been committed. The prohibited conduct is the striking and the mental element, or guilty mind, is the intention to strike/hurt/injure.

    On the other hand, if a person accidentally strikes another, no criminal offence occurs because the mental element, or guilty mind, is absent. However, sometimes a person may commit an offence by acting recklessly, that is, without a specific intent but disregarding or not caring about the consequences of their actions.

    Strict liability offences

    Strict liability offences are the exception to this rule and require only the commission of the prohibited conduct for an offence to arise. That is, no mental element is required. Strict liability offences are usually offences of a relatively minor regulatory nature.

    For example, many offences against the Public and Environmental Health Act 1987 are strict liability offences. An offence is committed if a shop is unclean, whether or not the proprietor intended the premises to be unclean. Similarly, if a driver is speeding, the prosecution does not need to show that the driver also had a guilty mind or intended to travel at that speed. As this is a strict liability offence, the mere fact of travelling at a prohibited speed is enough to make it an offence. It is not a defence that the vehicle's speedometer was faulty or that the driver thought she or he was driving within the speed limit.

    Link = http://www.lawhandbook.sa.gov.au/ch10s03.php
  8. facepalm. I hate it when people start quoting legislation like they understand it...
  9. I've not previously heard of the Australian Sovreignty Party Association, but that sort of name brings to mind a bunch of right-wing, nationalist kooks. If that's the case, I'd want to use a hell of a long spoon to sup with them.

    Pure speculation on my part though.

  10. "We are a party that will restore true sovereignty to this nation, and expose and defeat the perverse agenda being implemented by globalist forces of the New World Order"

    Nutters. Serious nutters.


    "Do you want the security of NEVER paying a speeding fine, parking ticket or red light camera fine again?"

    18 September 2008 - Michael Gareth Palmer, creator and author of Aussie Speeding Fines, faced court in Moorabbin charged with speeding and driving whilst unlicenced. Rather than test his own legal theories in court, he decided to plead guilty. He was sentenced to a fine of $2000 and one month disqualification from driving. He was unable to explain why he should never pay a speeding fine ever again.
  11. Foot soldiers with weapons of placards and banners.
    How will they stop the rot?
    No standing to reason.
    'cause reason is treason-
    it doesn't seem feasible.
    Lie down.
    And cry all you can.
    The machine rolls over you.
  12. Google New World Order...

    These people spend a lot of time on stormfront talking about Jews and Obama...

    Good for a laugh, but I wouldn't be seen in their company.
  13. Well, at least we now know what Pro-Pilot's doing with his time these days :grin:.
  14. You know I rather miss his posts, they were always good for a twenty page thread. :)

    We don't seem to have any really good conspiracy theorists at the moment.
  15. But an infringement notice is not a trial, it is an accusation.
    Cleverly: when you pay an infringement notice, you admit guilt - and the criminal process is circumvented.
    However: if you do not pay the fine, on the strength of an accusation they apply punishments at will (suspension of license, suspension of registration, debt collection process [confiscation of property]) - it IS coercion to take one of two actions:
    1) Pay up.
    2) Go to court.

    Then, the system is crafted to cost an individual MORE to pursue justice than to allow themselves to be punished by a false accusation.
    That's monetarily; but other costs include loss of time, increased stress, and associated negative effects on health associated with stress (blood pressure, risk of heart attack/stroke).

    Anyone who says "It's legal so it's OK" is a simpleton.

    It might be legal, but it's not OK, many people (I daresay, 'a majority'?) in Australia, are morally opposed to speed cameras as revenue collecting devices - including (as has been documented recently in the news) senior police, who are classified by the judiciary as "expert witnesses" in traffic matters just like what we're discussing.

    The protest is righteous.
  16. Not much point marching on Tenex, mobile cameras are run by Serco
  17. +1 wizud, that was my first thought, this lot are out of date with their info, Tenix got the boot several years ago...
  18. I had a look at their web site...

    Some quotes

    Education Policy extracts

    For example, why are children not being taught about the indisputable evidence of ancient Egyptian and Phoenician settlements in Australia; about how old copper mines have been found containing many of their artefacts, and how even some ancient pyramid type structures have been found in this country?

    Any attempts by teachers and or schools to force conformity of opinion, such as through Hegelian dialectic techniques, through manipulative peer pressure tactics, or through intimidation, will be met with disciplinary measures. The majority is not always right. In fact, history shows us that often it is those in the minority who are in the right.

    Justice policy extracts
    An ASP lead government will not cower or back down from exposing the globalists' New World Order agenda to establish a dictatorial one world government. We will not relent until humanity is aware of the terrible crimes committed by these few, ruling class individuals, and justice is served upon them

    We will bring to justice all criminals involved with the mass poisoning of the public by putting neurotoxic, cancer-causing fluoride in the water which is also known to cause sterility. Moreover, the present government who have permitted the Chemtrails (Chemical Trails) aerosol spraying into the atmosphere of chemicals such as barium salts, aluminium dioxide and other toxic heavy metals will be exposed and brought to justice.

    The Australian Sovereignty Party is strongly of the view that no Australian should pay tax, ever! Yes, you read that right, NO TAX! Let us repeat that one more time, “NO TAX”! That means, no income tax, no goods and services tax, no payroll tax, no value added tax, no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax, no Medicare levy, no stamp duty, no council rates, no oppressive taxes at all!

    We shall fight to prevent the wholesale surrendering our sovereignty, as offshore bodies such as the IMF, World Bank, the U.N., the Fabian Socialists, and other organisations, now exercise untold influence over the policy making decisions of our present government

    We will move quickly to develop our own state operated space program in conjunction with private enterprise to whom we will encourage opening up the space frontier for public access.

    etc. etc...

    I reckon it might be worth attending to see if they hand out free tin-foil hats...
  19. Hell, for a free tin foil hat i'd rock up.