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[VIC] Raised limits on L learners

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ermintham, May 20, 2008.

  1. I'm not from melbourne. In fact, jus a tourist whom will be moving to melb after my studies.

    I was in melb city jus a couple of days back and talked to this sales guy at the honda shop. it was because i sported a cb400(super four as it is known in singapore) in the shop with an L plate.. i nv knew that they sold them here coz of the way the licence scheme is. Singapore's one is a bit different.

    he told me that the max cc for L platers are gg up from 250 to 400. Is that true? cant find that info in vicroads. It would be a good thing for me coz im quite small size and would like to stick to 400s b4 i decide formyself if i can upgrade. its cheaper on the fuel and parts too.

    i myself used to ride a honda nsr 150 sp.

  2. search for LAMS and all will be revealed. has been done to death here.
  3. erm okay...nv see anything about 400 cc bikes....gimme some time...im not local
  4. okay i get it alr..haha so looking forward to the cb400 in future.
  5. Can someone decipher what ermintham actually said? lol
  6. OP actually belongs HERE:roll:

    From what I could understand, he was saying something along the
    lines of being another one of those uni students who'll be teaching
    English classes for our kids in years to come, & asked for comments :shock:
  7. Learners will be able to ride up to 650cc as long as the bike doesn't exceed the max power / weight ratio (150kw) after July 1st

    do want was recommended and search for LAMS. Victoria are going to use NSW's scheme and all the bikes NSW has on its list, I believe are eligible for VIC riders as well
  8. :rofl:

    Sometimes brudder, you crack me up!! :rofl:

    Ermintham, I think you're asking about LAMS and Joel and zilly have answered your question. :)
  9. And bear in mind that the list posted so far by VicRoads is still incomplete... I'm informed that there will be more bikes added.

  10. i jus din switch to good english bcause im using Singlish which is the informal language used in Singapore. heard of it?
    I admit i wasnt typing in proper english as i participate in many forums and sometimes i just forget to switch back.

    Anyway, now that i've found out its the power to weight ratio that mattered and not just the cc alone (as it is in singapore). My questions have been answered. I'm looking forward to ride the Honda CB400 when i make a complete move to melbourne, a great city.
  11. To be fair, it looked more like SMS abbreviations than any foreign language, and we have plenty of native English speakers who write in the same fashion.
  12. there mayb certain broken english here and there. it's jus habit. coz in singapore. being multicultural and everybody being biliingual, its common to use a language (for eg English) with the sentence structure of another ( Mandarin for me).

    and yesh, that cud be quite a bother a times. but its habit..since young..
  13. A great city for sure [​IMG]

    http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p162/GonadsM/Pics - Misc/newtatt.jpg


    But theres a first time for everything :grin:

  14. oh are u trying to be racist?

    losers like u spoil the image of your own country. :)
  15. mmmmmmmmm

    so he is a bi linguist

    or should that be try linguist

    maybe cunning linguist :LOL:
  16. :LOL:

    Just looks like lazy writing to me.
  17. [​IMG]