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[VIC] RACV's contri to Melb's congestion summit

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. I just got the latest RACV Royal Auto and on page 50 they have an article about their input into the Vic Government's traffic congestion summit.

    It's worth a read. There are some worthy medium and long term suggestions - but half the short term solutions were "increased enforcement" (Vic gestapoment converts??) and there wasn't a single thing in the entire article about two wheeled transport - powered or unpowered.

    WTF?? :shock:

    IMO any discussion on congestion that doesn't include two wheeled transport is a disingenious discussion about the issue! :tantrum:
  2. Out of interest (no weetbix this morning!), do RACV offer motorcycle recovery services? Just that if they do, this omission is terrible, but if they don't, are they obliged to represent people who aren't their customers?

    What are some of their better suggestions Rob?
  3. hahahahaaaa :grin: I'll take that on the chin :)

    I'm not sure whether they include motorcycles in their roadside coverage... it's unclear: http://www.racv.com.au/wps/wcm/connect/Internet/Primary/roadside+assistance/

    They do insure bikes, but I remember that my car was insured with them when I got the GPX250 and their insurance quote for the bike was THREE times Swann or QBE.

    I agree with your point; they don't really represent bikes, but since they're talking congestion and since more bikes means less congestion and freer flowing roads for their driving members, their blind spot is huge.

    In a nutshell their suggestions centre around improving both transport infrastructure (freeways/roads) and public transport. They're also behind car pooling and variable working hours.

    The lack of any discussion two wheeled, including bicycles (and get this, RACV offer bicycle roadside assist!), is a conspicuous miss.
  4. Motorcycle breakdown recovery? Yes...as long as it's under 20 years old. :cry:

    But that's alright I'm riding the '93 ZZR next weekend. :p

    If you take Total Care out on you car..it covers any vehicle you drive/ride. Don't know if the 20 year old part applies with Total Care.
  5. Do you know what is the ironic thing about this?
    The RACV was started by 4 motorcyclists.
    It was in elizabeth st where they started it.

    if you search hard enough about the centanury of elizabeth street and the RACV you will find it .
  6. Without access to the article, not sure how 'increased enforcement' is going to improve the congestion situation - unless that means putting enough people on a ban to reduce the numbers!!

    Maybe if they did something about people parking in clearways?

    RACV has, at times, been helpful in keeping the social control lobby from getting out of hand on road issues. I hope they are not going to drop the ball on two-wheelers.

    RACV have a specific motorcycle assist program, and will also include a bike in Total Care package. The catch is that not all the towies are equipped or experienced for bikes. If you ever make the call, make SURE that the operator communicates to the operator that it is a BIKE pickup, so they send the right guy.
  7. Snap on the clearways.

    RACV's points were to beef up enforcement to:

    - stop motorists blocking intersections
    - ban trucks from RH lane (3+ lane roads)
    - keep clearways clear and longer clearway hours
    - keep tram lines clear
  8. No way would I be using RACV recovery services for my bike.
    A fellow NR broke down on the freeway some time back, called RACV, they couldn't fix the problem, and no "motorcycle" trailers were available, so they dragged the bike up onto a flatbed trailer layed it down and drove the owner and the bike back to her house. :shock:
  9. In that case I have no problem with any of it. I hope they are listened to.

    I can hear the government's response now: "How do WE make any money out of this, then?"

    I also think they will get some opposition with at least two inner city councils lobbying Spring Street to remove all clearways, close slip lanes and in some cases close major arterial roads to all but cyclists and trams (for environmental/greenhouse reasons).

    But good on 'em for being the only group so far to put forward a balanced
    and rational response, even if it doesn't mention us specifically.
  10. Inexperienced or incompetent operator. It's perfectly possible to carry a bike, even on a sidestand, on a flatbed as long as you know what you are doing.
    That's why you need to insist on someone who can, when you make the call.
    But if you've got an alternative, then use it.
  11. <post removed>
  12. MG, I understand the point you're making about the RACV and how they don't represent biking interests. That is pretty clear.

    I just can't get past how any organisation can discuss the issue of traffic congestion without covering the entire spectrum of possible solutions... including one of the most obvious ones... two wheels.
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  14. The question is how many of the car members are also riders? I am a car member who also rides, but I would be counted as a car member only.

    So maybe a question could be added to thier membership app, Do you also ride a motorbike or scooter??
  15. 6000 out of how many registered owners? Great growth opportunity, then, if they start looking after us more effectively!
    That is actually why they started Motorcycle Care. They saw that they were underrepresented amongst bike owners. That's a business opportunity they won't want to miss. All they need to do now is put the rhetoric into practice our on the roads because the truth is, riders tend to need assistance more often than car drivers.

    Anyway, there are other bodies with significant clout that can and should represent our interests. One that comes to mind is VACC (Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce). There could be direct benefits to the bike industry if it is properly represented in these events.
  16. Not sure what the fuss is. I have RACV total care and got them to recover me when I had an engine problem sometime back (damn Suzuki!).
    They sent a dedicated motorcycle transport carrier, which took me home then returned on the Monday to take my bike to the workshop.

    Never had an issue with these guys.
  17. Good question Matti.

    You would be counted as a 'car' member. Correct.

    The 6000 I was previously quoted would be Membership
    nominating a Motorcycle

    Errrm Motorcycle Care is karput Titus :LOL:

    Its been phased out already. The term does not exist on their website &
    Members were sent a letter. I received mine. All vehicles come under the
    one banner ERA banner now. Just a name change thats all. Ya not affected
    in any way.

    Can't see them having motorcycle patrolies. IMHO it wouldnt be financially
    viable. Towing will remain as only assistance available I say :wink:

  18. <post removed>
  19. As far as a car mag goes it isn't much to write home about. I counted the number of pages with actual car related arts. I forget exact figures but it amounted to around a third of the magazine's content. The rest was taken up with advertising, travel and insurance articles. What some creek in upper FNQ has to do with cars I dunno, except that you perhaps need one to get to the creek to begin with.
  20. I sent an email too... no response. What did yours say mate?