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VIC Racers, what club to join?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by removed-6, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. What club should I join? Why? I really just want to get a licence so I can do the practice days at Broadford for the moment, and then decide if I want to race down the track a bit.

    So which clubs are good/better and why? Preston and Hartwell seem to be the biggest, should I just join one of them? Does it matter that I am nowhere near Preston or Bayswater where the clubs are based?
    Can I get a road racing licence if I am a member of my local motox club? Because then I can use the local track on a dirt bike as well, which would be great.

    Thanks for your help guys. :wink:
  2. Hi,

    If you are just after doing practice days at Broadford you'd be better off joining Preston and no, it doesn't matter if you are miles away from their 'club house'. The only reason for joining Hartwell over Preston is to compete in their exclusive Hartwell race series.

    I *think* you need to be a member of a road racing club (not motox) to get a road racing license.

    Preston only costs about $50 to join btw....cheap as chips :LOL:
  3. Chris, get back to work, my tax $$$ need to be better spent.

    But yes, he is correct. Go Preston, nice and friendly.

    By the time you've got your MA licence, you're half way there to racing. Go the extra bit, get the bike race ready (from what I saw it was about there anyway) and go have a dice with the 600 boys at the next Interclub.
  4. PM susuzuki, she's one of the honchos at Preston.
  5. Stay clear of Hartwell. They are rotten in there
  6. I'm in Preston, used to be in Frankston, Sidecar racing, Hartwell & Redline, they all are good, if you want to get extra races at an interclub meeting you'd be better in a smaller club (like Redline) as only three of the fastest riders from each club go into the two 'Team Shield' races.
  7. Join The Sandringham club, if it suits. pm me for details.
  8. Redline I think are based in Tullamarine
  9. They did meet at a pub in Collingwood.
  10. So is a smilie missing from your post or are you being serious??

    I've had dealings with Hartwell over the past few years at events (I'm not a member) and found their events well run and they are one of the few clubs able to afford to run events at PI.
  11. Hypothetically... should someone have lost their license, can they get a track license (MA) and still be able to do track days and/or race?

    Ok, not quite so hypothetically... i'm now 1 month into a 12 month pedal powered holiday. :oops:
  12. You don't need a road licence to have a track licence...... otherwise I would have been screwed 11 times! :twisted:

    You do need someone to drive the ute but :wink:
  13. You do need a road licence to do a Phillip Island Ride day.
  14. No problems at all for someone to drive the ute (or 4wd with a trailer as is the case for me). Great news Johnny; looks like my plans of a trackie are coming to fruition. :grin: Looks like i'll be joining the Preston MC as well then.

    Sorry to hijack the thread, aside from Fowles... where's good to pick up a track bike? I want something new enough to have EFI; really not fussed on capacity.

    So that'd be wrong Triway; looks like you can ride with just a MA license. :p
  15. Nup. A MA licence will suffice. A friend of mine's son has an MA licence and no road licence.
  16. Sorry guys, I was going by hearing them tell a guy that on Monday, I guess they just assumed he didn't have an MA licence.
  17. Yes, a race license or a road license is whats needed for PI. P's are ok, but no "L's".

    Preston ($50), Sandringham ($50 ish), redline(not sure) all cost around the same to join, Hartwell may be a little more but only by $10 or so. If you want to just do the practice days, it's probably more cost effective to join one of the smaller clubs.
  18. How about the Hangmore motorcycle club? Whilst not a racing club as such like Hartwell they are very track orientated and do a LOT of track days