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[Vic] R-date licence's

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Quick question to the illuminati on board. In Victoria, does one need to apply for a un-restricted licence once the R-Date has been completed. Or does it just lapse into this mode.

    It is not clear on VicRoads. But in states such as NSW and SA. It clearly states that you must "apply" for an un-restricted licence once the R-Date has passed.

    Cheers in advance.
  2. Automatically changes to a full licence once you hit the specified date.
  3. ?

    Just above the word CAR, my licence used to have R and a date... now it just has R. I'm guessing R = motorcycle.

    I don't think you have anything to worry about PP.
  4. R = Rider (think M is used for Medium Rigid).
  5. :cool: makes sense :)
  6. No issue here, just have seen that other states are different. In that you physically must go in and change over to an un-restricted.

    What will also be interesting, is Vic going to have a mature rider scheme like NSW? Have seen no mention of it on the LAMS update page (Vic Roads).
  7. +1 licence changes automatically in VIC.

    +1 in vic "R"= "Rider".

    Big problem overseas, and even interstate sometimes because they might
    not know what the "R" means. I have had trouble with this interstate
    before and many people going overseas have trouble. I recommend if
    anyone goes overseas, take an International Driving Licence (which is basically a clear language translation of the codes on your licence) from RACV/NRMA or similar auto club.
  8. Funny you should bring this up, I had, and am still having a hell of a time trying to convince the RTA that my VIC 'R - Date' Licence is not a bloody learners permit!!! :evil:

    I'll quit my job and come back to vic before they give me a NSW learners permit for the bike!
  9. The Date is the end of the 250 restriction date and once past that date it is automatic. Other states work differently but they only need to contact Vicroads for an explanation of the codes, though you would think they should have a document available to them that explains the codes of each different state? My understanding is that the 1st year of restriction will still stay in place in Vic under the LAMS scheme but you will need to be on a LAMS bike up to that date rather than a 250, though the scheme is still some months away in Vic so at present it is still up to 250. Many riders close to the end of their date seem to just risk the on the spot fine though.
  10. in Vic R date stays on your licence until renewal, if you get nice person at VicRoads will do you a free "amendment" photo without R date :)
  11. No. and there's a rumour that NSW will scrap theirs.
  12. Just did my L's on a 125 passed the most on a scooter and am riding a GSX1300 Busa now cause Im mature and in NSW, all within 6 months