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Vic- quick intro

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sarmic, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Hello all,

    After being a member for around a year now I think, and reading and reading the threads regarding learner bikes and plenty of other things, I've finally saved up and about to buy my first bike. Im from langwarrin about 45 mins from CBD. I'm 25 and caught the riding bug after going to Thailand and hiring a scooter for a week, I couldn't stop smiling. I'm about to pick my bike up on the weekend after an indecision between the new ninja or vtr250. I test rode both and it came down to the Ducati looking vtr250. It's got a staintune on it and it sounded awesome. I can't wait to pick it up. Anyway that's enough about me and I look forward to meeting up with a few of you in the future. I'll post some photos when I pick it up

    Cheers Sean
  2. Well done, have fun! (y)
  3. The VTR is a great choice! Welcome to the club, Sean. ;)
  4. Thanks. I'm glad I chose the vtr in the end. I haven't read a negative review on them at all.
  5. Welcome to NR. (y)
  6. Welcome to NR Sean!

    VTR is a great choice. Just sold mine after nearly 3.5 years... never missed a beat (y)
  7. Welcome to NR Sean, ride up to sat morn prac session and show us the new wheels!!
  8. Thanks for the welcome everyone, I'll hopefully pick it up Friday/ Saturday if all goes well. I'll get some photos up. Looking forward to catching up with you all....
  9. Welcome to NR, enjoy the ride
  10. Hi Sean and welcome to NR
  11. Hey Sean,
    welcome to NR, I have a 99 model VTR250 with a staintune and its been a great bike. The only reason i am about to sell it is I have another bike that needs a bit spent on it, otherwise i would keep it. They are comfortable , nimble in corners and docile in traffic.Get one, you will enjoy it.
  12. I finally picked up the vtr250 on Sunday night and absolutely love it :))
    I'll try and get some pics up over the next couple of days. Thanks for the welcoming comments..