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[VIC] - Questioning a speeding fine (image)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. i got a fine, and requested the image to view it.
    thing is, it's got another rider in it, very close to me from the perspective of the camera. the camera was mounted on a car, thus no lane identification.
    i dont know enough of how they operate however, but i think it's based on line of sight.
    anyone with knowledge of their operation? or been in a similar situation? suggested people/bodies to speak to regarding this? tramp64 or anyone else on here with much knowledge in this department?

    i am the bike on the right, a friend was leading.


    the following is the same image, edited by me, makes for a clearer but darker image.

  2. How the hell did they get a rego number from that picture?

    Anyway, it seems suss to me, there are 3 vehicles in the picture my guess would be enough doubt to contest but thats my uninformed opinion :)
  3. the image i've posted is a low quality (hahaha they can say that again) digitalised version of the original. also supplied was a zoom in of my plate, which was clearly my plate.

    im pretty confident the car on the left is irrelevant as it is fairly out of line of sight, but my friend is not...
  4. Guessing they were using that power pole as a reference point.
    You're the one closest to that pole, so you're the one that got sent the fine.

    I'm assuming your friend didn't get sent a fine, in which case you were probably blocking their plate when they went past (so they owe you a beer or 6 at least).
  5. All you need to do is prove doubt.

    My uninformed opinion says there is no way that they can categorically state that it was one bike and not the other that triggered the camera

    Having said that though............

    There were 2 of us riding along Heaths road Hoppers and at the last minute I remembered that there was a greed camera on the side of the road (went past it earlier). I slammed on the anchors just before going past washing off a heap of speed.
    My mate however didn't slow down and passed me on the outside (between me and the camera).
    There was no flash nor was there a fine issued.

    Not knowing how it all works, you may be able to contest it or they may work a certain way that isolates certain vehicles. *shrug*

    Good luck with it though.
  6. Years ago I had a job which required occasional liaison with the Traffic Camera Office (if what serves as what is left of memory has the name right).

    My understanding was that then they screened all photos and although they believed they had a very good idea of just which vehicle in a multi vehicle photowas speeding and had triggered the camera, they tended not to proceed with prosecutions in those cases as there was always an element of doubt. Obviously that seems to have changed.

    It may be worthwhile writing to them and asking them and asking them to withdraw the fine on the basis that there is doubt and if they believe there is no doubt asking them to explain how they know. If you get back a bullshit answer it may be worth pursuing. Presumably anything they say in response which may assist your case (e.g if they are vague) should be able to be submitted in the court.

    If they choose not to respond, write to the Ombudsman asking for a review of their failure to respond.

    Don't forget also to write to the bureaucrats reponsible for managing the fine system (Civic Compliance?) explaining that you are challenging the administrative decision to issue the fine and skaing them to extend the period you have to either pay the fine or have it go to court, while you are waiting their answer.
  7. where you actually speeding??

    if you were, try to blame someone else or find a loophole in the system so you can get out of the ...... oh wait..... disregard :LOL:

    you are aware speed kills :p :LOL:

    come move to Bundaberg, we dont have any fixed camera's and 1 mobile camera that is here 4 days a month

  8. Plenty of doubt there, I'd certainly fight it.
  9. you dont know if 3 fines were issued for all 3 vehicles do oyu.
  10. my friend who was in front is yet to receive any notice.
    i didn't catch the details of the driver who wasn't in their parked car :LOL:
  11. ok ive decided to speak to a solicitor or someone. a relative is a barrister's clerk in the city, i will be wasking him if he can recommend anyone.

    anyone here had a good traffic lawyer recently?
  12. If you're the bike behind, you are precisely in the middle of the frame.

    Interesting position considering that you were traveling at approximately 19m per second.
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  14. I would fight it - definately....

    Lets use physics on this one to introduce further doubt.
    - Travelling at 19meters / second
    - bikes relative distance between plates and reference point is 1m (based on angles and the pole as reference)
    - to take photos of both bikes would require the camera to take a photo every 50milliseconds.......

    So, can the camera perform this way?

    I dont know, so, this is further doubt ammunition..... :grin:
  15. Fight it. There are a lot of assumptions there, including that the camera was set up exactly as it is meant to be.
  16. He's who I'd use (personally)!
    Not that I'd ever need him of course... :grin:
  17. Should not be too difficult to fight..