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[Vic] Question regarding breath tests

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Nakkas, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. A couple of days ago I was on my way home from a mates place after having a few beers.

    I got flagged into a booze bus, but I wasn't worried because it'd been an hour or so since my last drink. I blew into the thing, the girl looked at it a bit and then told me I'm right to drive.

    I asked her what I blew and she said she's not legally allowed to tell me that.

    That's got to be the weirdest thing I've ever heard. Is that true? From a green cop, I'd understand but she wasn't a probie Contable, she was just a Constable.
  2. Just a guess, but I'm thinking the "rule" is there so you can't think: "I can drink X drinks and still be fine for the booze bus."

    On a side note, how can you tell the probies from the ordinary constables?
    (I don't know, I'm not flaming)
  3. I thought they had "Probationary Constable" written on their badge, I could swear I've seen it before.

    That's what I thought also about the drinks, but cops usually tell you your reading. At least in the times I've been shotgun in a car that's been pulled over (not booze bus).
  4. I've been breath tested heaps of times, and just about every time I ask what the reading is, especially if the constable is an attractive young lady.

    They have never, ever told me what the reading was.

    I believe it was to stop drinkers from calculating what they could get away with, or whether they could fit some more in safely, but I suspect these are also legal remifications. i.e. Cop says you are fine, .035%, on your way. You absorb a bit more of the scotch you had a half hour ago. Then have a crash down the road, and get a reading of .055. Bingo! But the copper told me I was under the limit Mr Magistrate!

    The first part of that explaination is now defunct, given that you can buy breath testers, and some clubs have them. The second part will always be true.
  5. :nail: There was also a time where you could walk into a Police Station and asked to be tested to see if you were right to drive home. That has been actively discouraged due to the reasons you've listed.
    Also - a roadside breath test on an alcolmeter is only able to show that you may be over the limit and that you can then be placed under arrest and required to undergo a breath analysis. The reading from the alcolmeter is not strictly admissable in Court.
  6. Any of the commercially available ones... well, the ones that cost $80 instead of $3500 - all say their readings are 'indicative only' anyway.

    RoderickGI - I think you're right, but also: breathalyzers are not accurate.

    The police don't rely on a breathalyzer reading in court; so neither can anyone else, really.

    + perhaps BAC reading counts as a 'medical assessment' they are not qualified to give, or something.