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[VIC] Question about penalties.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bullet21, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. I just had my first serious stack, and got charged with following too close and not having a P plate. I just wanted to know what penalty these carry and how many demerit point?

  2. Re: Question about penalties.

    Step one, seek some legal aid.
  3. nah that costs heaps of money and they said if i loose, i can loose my license. At the moment im most worried about the demerit points as a sparky i need it.
  4. If you NEED it, then you NEED to get the best opportunity to keep your license don't you? :p And as for affording it, well you'll be worse off not being able to work.
  5. 3 points for P plates. Its a huge sting if your on 5 points (assuming u are from your P's)

    Dunno about following to close. Its minor, hopefully only $$ to those bloody pigs. Dont worry dude I feel ya, just got served a summons today.
  6. Failure to display P plates 3 Points
    Follow too closely 1 Point

    Looks like your up for 4 points and a couple of hundred bucks


    The issue is will they serve you a summons for negligent riding / driving?
    That requires court.
  7. Question answered, but a couple more thoughts..........

    If you were charged you would have been given a copy of the charge. Most likely after a trip to the station or a knock on your door. If you were given penalty notices (which you can be for both those) The details would be on the notices. If you didn't get any paperwork it might be worth contacting the relevant officer and clarify what he is going to do.

    Was the car/bike you crashed into still moving? Sometimes people cop that ticket inappropriately. Probably better than having to go to court for careless driving though :wink: Fingers crossed for the tickets.

    actually, we don't get the money :p ......... unfortunately :LOL:
  8. "Where's your P-plate."

    "I don't know. It must have been ripped off in the accident, officer..."
  9. Oh yeah, they'll fall for that for sure :roll: not

    You should be given paperwork which says what offence you've committed,
    how many points it is, and how many $.
    If you haven't already they should have said it'll be mailed to you in a
    few days. The further issue here is that
    they usually do this in accidents in order to establish blame i.e. whose fault
    the accident was. So it'll affect who pays to repair the vehicles in the
  10. If you were issued a TIN just wear it / pay it and try not to lose more points.
    It is not worth challenging the average TIN (in court), and whilst it is NOT (contrary to what the plod may say) an automatic "you will lose it all in court" scenario, (you could win and walk away free), it is a possible and somewhat likely outcome.
    A lawyer is not needed here.

    If however a summons appears in the mail in the near future, I would be looking at some legal advice. Try a community legal service, or a lwayer that advertises first visit free. In this scenario, the plod have decided that the offence is not one to be dealt with via a TIN.
  11. they said ill get charged, but thstuff would be sent in the mail. Its time to play the waiting game i guess. :mad:
  12. Sounds like more than just the TIN's then. You can contact the officer and find out what thier intent is (as far as charges go).
    I think you best off seeking some legal aid in this matter.
  13. well i remember the cop said something like ill get it in the mail or my other option is going to court and risk loosing my license. So i doubt it will be too court. I think it will most likely be a TFN. Im most worried about the demerit points. I lost one about an year an a half ago for goin 4 K's over the limit.
  14. Another VICTORIA's Moment for your police force

    You have an bad accident and get charged for something stupid like no P, like as if that had something to do with the crash.

    cl50 (l)(b)(i) Fail to drive sufficient distance behind a vehicle
    $149.00 in victoria
    $79.00 in NSW and no points lost
  15. Thankyou very much!