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QLD vic-qld licencing..

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Shroom, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. My victorian full car licence was suspended/cancelled a couple years ago (speeding) and i havent been to court yet.. i moved to queensland 3 months ago and am now going to try to apply for a qld RE learner licence, i have my expired vic probationary licence still.
    Is it possible to transfer case up here?
    May i get a work licence?
    Or is it possible they may just give me a qld licence without checking with vicroads??

  2. Its all on connected computer these days,

    Years ago when I went for mine up there, I was just another unlicensed rider in Qld,

    even tho I had mine cancelled in Vic at the time.

    They gave me one in Qld.
  3. How long was it suspended for?
    Seems odd to take a couple of years to go to court over speeding and have it suspended all that time - the total suspension may have been less than the period waiting to go to court.
  4. It was a year i think, i didnt go to court because i was using public transport for work anyway and didnt want to cop the penalty.
    I went in yesterday and was told that my vic license is current until 2013 which sounds like the suspension is over, theyre doing a check now.