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(VIC) Put Conroy Last

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by DisgruntledDog, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. In the up coming Federal Election, I urge everyone in Victoria to put Conroy last on the Senate Ticket. This means voting below the line. The added benefit is that you can put Senator Fielding second last.

    This is the only way to make sure the Internet Filter does not go ahead regardless of which party wins Government.
  2. He should be voted out, regardless of whether the filter goes ahead or not.

    He is either too stupid or too malicious to hold any position of influence.
  3. As a committed below the line voter, I would do exactly that, but I'm not in Victoria. WA senators are sufficiently invisible that I have no idea if our current incumbents are wastes of space or not. Oh, hang on.....

    Meanwhile, for those worried about offensive and dangerous material on the Internet, I recommend this.
  4. Is Conroy up for re-election? (generally we hold half senate elections as senators have 6 year terms).
  5. Yes indeed. Put him last.

    Just waiting for the commercial release.
  6. Yes he is.
    But given that Gillard is backing the compulsory filter it wont matter if Conroy loses his seat (unlikely since as a Labor numbers man he is in a safe ALP seat) the Ranga would push it through.

    But yeah, put this creep last on your ballot.

  7. He's in the senate so there are no safe seats.

    If you vote above the line and vote Labor you'll be putting Conroy one or two depending on what Labor decide.

    I think that if enough people put Conroy last then both Liberal and Labor will take notice, especially if the 3rd Labor candidate on the ballot gets up and Conroy doesn't.

    The Libs haven't said that they are against the Internet Filter so I think it's a danger regardless of who gets in.
  8. Whilst I have no problem with pushing Conroy under an electoral bus and, indeed, would encourage it, the filter legislation is being shunted off to committee for consideration. It's no guarantee, but this is a traditional method of letting untenable proposals die quietly out of the public eye. Hence, I think there is some cause to hope that it will just fade away.

    As far as voting on the issue is concerned, bear in mind that, of the other parties in serious contention for senate seats, only the Greens AFAIK have actually stated that they oppose the filter and even they have stood at least one lower house candidate in a recent by-election (forget where or what his name is) who is rabidly pro-filter regardless of party policy.

    Overall, the whole thing appears not to be a party specific issue but more a wowser/control freak issue that has supporters on both sides of the political divide.
  9. It is far more likely that this method is being used in the same way Brumby is using it with smart meters. It is nothing more than a tactic to take focus off the issue until after they win the election IMO.
  10. You're spot on Seany. Once November is decided we'll see those smart meters roll out quicker than you can say "escalated power bills".

    Same for the internet filter. If we vote Labor back in, that and other less tenable legislation, Senate permitting, will be become law within the next sitting of Parliament.
  11. The greens will have the balance of power in any case after the election, so the filter legislation is dead.

    **** conroy
  12. Not if the Libs support the legislation.

    Put Conroy last!
  13. oh yeah I forgot about that other party.

  14. Does anybody believe that Abbott wouldn't really really want that filter? It's a far better fit with his beliefs than Gillards.

    He knows it's a minor vote loser so he's been keeping quiet hoping that the government would implement it. If it had he would have had two wins. He would have got something he really wants - and something that would have lost a few votes for the government.
  15. He supports it absolutely, but there is substantial opposition amongst his parliamentary colleagues.
  16. So, given there is no real difference between the two major parties on the filter, give your first preferences to the anti-filter minors of your choice and then preference whichever of the majors you want based on other grounds. And, FFS, vote below the line in the Senate, on a similar basis, giving Conroy a kicking if you're in Victoria.

    Apart from voting informal or wearing the fine, I don't see too many other viable options.
  17. The other option is to put every sitting member LAST on the ballot. Then work back up the list based on the least unprefered candidate...