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[VIC] Puncture repair, options?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by dbrain, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. Hey all,

    Just found a puncture in my rear tyre, first puncture on a motorcycle, so exciting! Small nail. Pulled it out (wasn't sure what it was to begin with, no end to it) and the tyre wouldn't stop telling me to shush after.

    I had a puncture repair kit under the seat, so plugged it up with that and filled the tyre back up. It seems to be holding.

    Anyway, I commute on the bike every day, 130km per day. So I don't really want to risk commuting on it for that distance until I know the tyre's alright.

    What are my options? I'm in Pakenham. I take it I should at least get a "professional repair" done, if not replace the tyre itself? Does anyone have any recommendations in my area?

    Tyres are 15,000km~ old, but I'm on a LAMs bike which doesn't tear through them so I still have a fair bit of tread left until the markers. Getting a little flat in the middle from commuting (haven't been up in the hills much since winter started), but nothing crazy.

    Any suggestions would be great, before I call around tomorrow and have a bunch of people trying to sell me tyres sight unseen.

  2. There are stuff all in Pakenham..I also live there.

    There is Powerhouse Motorcycles on the Princess highway but other than that nothing else that I'm aware of..

    Failing that you may need to go to Dandenong
  3. If you have used a sticky snot type plug, not one of those bs screw in types often sold in eBay kits, and you have put it in correctly, it will probably last the life of the tyre.

    I have ridden on tyres for over 10,000km with a plug in them. No need to replace tyre if the plug is holding, just make sure you keep plugs and air on the bike. If you use the CO bulbs and used them on this repair, get more air, and I suggest a small compressor, because endless air can and will save your arse if you fail to get all the air from a bulb into a tyre in the middle of nowhere.
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  4. You should get it professionally plugged if you intend to keep using it. Having said that I once had a puncture which I "temporarily" plugged on tyres which didn't have a lot of life left and managed to get away with it for another couple of months until replaced.

    To plug properly, they will need to take the tyre off so while cheaper than a new tyre it may cost a little bit. Given the mileage on your tyres, you may want consider how much life is left in them and whether it is worth it or whether you would be better off using the cost towards a new one.
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  5. Madbiker in Ferntree Gully is good and does tyre repairs if it can be legally repaired. Doesn't stock many tyres and might need to order one in if you need a new one.
    If you are in RACV they will take it on a truck if you are worried about riding it.
    Lesson 1 is don't pull the nail out.
    There's a mobile tyre guy that posts on here. Maybe call him?

    MMMTS Tyre Fitting Mobile Service | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community
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  6. Never had an issue with the brown poo looking sticks and rubber glue, keep an eye on the tyre pressure and look for unusual wear. If it's slowly leaking or you're worried spray a can of goo in and go for a ride, chances are it will be fine.
    If it was on a front I would be a little more cautious and suggest you get it repaired/replaced.
  7. If the nail hole is in the tread, not the sidewall, and you plugged it with the sticky string type kit shown in your link, and it's not leaking, ride the damn thing and don't worry about it until you wear out the tyre or get another puncture. Honestly a lot of people are overly obsessed with the idea of something small like a nail terminally damaging a moto tyre. If it's that small, it's like a pinprick as far as the tyre is concerned, just plug it like you did, and go riding.

    Save your obsessions for the important stuff, like; "When am I going to get that S1000RR?", or; "When am I going to get laid next?" :bag:
  8. Thanks heaps for the tips guys. I used one of the brown snotty kits, and properly filled the tyre after (I was at home) so I might just check the pressure for a day or two to make sure its holding then start using it again.

    Sitting on a train writing this, feeling regret.

    At least now I know how to use the repair kit. Will make sure I pack a bike pump as well, managed to lose a ton of air pressure fixing the thing, not sure the 3 CO2 bulbs will cut it if I'm this incompetent next time.
  9. The gents at Powerhouse Motorcycles are good people, and I'm sure they could plug it properly for you, however, with 15,000k's on it, it might be worth just replacing it anyway.

    I can suggest either SixtyDegrees Motorcycles in Notting Hill or The Motorcycle Repair Centre in Ferntree Gully. I've found them both absolutely fantastic to deal with in the past. You need to call Powerhouse Motorcycles, they might sell tyres too, but I've only ever had servicing done there (old Kwaka 600).
  10. Ive used those "temporary" sticky turd plugs in car tyres plenty of times and they have lasted for another 40,000ks until the tyre was done. The kit saved me a heap as i was getting nails every few months due to living in a new estate with heaps of new houses being built. So if its holding pressure fine, keep riding.
  11. bobthekelpybobthekelpy Thanks! Will give Powerhouse a call and see what they think.

    darrenwilliam79darrenwilliam79 Nice, thanks! I'm also in a new estate, kind of surprised it's taken this long to get a proper puncture. I've had small bits of metal that I've plied out of the tyre.. even a staple once, but nothing deep enough until now.
  12. If it's holding I'd leave it. I've commuted 1,000's of k's with a plug like that, no problem.
    If you're seriously thinking of getting someone to look at it and fix it again what's that going to cost? You'd be better off putting the money towards a new set of boots if these have done 15K.
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    Just a FYI, I'm taking it to Powerhouse Motorcycles (Pakenham) tomorrow. They suggested around $40-50 for a proper fix as long as it's in the center of the tyre not the edge, which is pretty much what MMMTS quoted me as well. Figure the $50~ is worth it to make me feel more comfortable (professional fix vs my shitty plugging skills).

    EDIT: And done, $35. Cheaper than expected and looks good (no idea how to quantify that though).
  14. Things always seem to come in pairs. A week later and a new puncture, big one this time. Tyre had pretty much no air in it when I noticed (luckily in garage again) and won't hold anything. Tried plugging but hole is too big.

    Large bit of plastic dug in some how, think it was from an accident I rode past on freeway, road was covered in junk.

    Does anyone happen to know of a tyre repair / replacement place that will come to me or pick it up around the south eastern suburbs? MMMTS is a bit far from me (about an hour from them).
  15. If you're comfortable doing it, you could take the wheel off and take it somewhere yourself (on the assumption you have a car).
  16. I struggle getting my chained aligned, so I'm thinking that might be a bit too mechanical for me. But I'll search for some how to videos and maybe give it a shot if I can't find a company I can just throw money at to make it all better. Thanks!

    Thinking this time I'll just get new tyres anyway, front seems to be a bit worn down, rear probably only has another couple of months.
  17. Do you need a hand getting the wheels off?

    Or atleast the one that cant be repaired so you can get it fixed and the ride the bike to get the other one done
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    Thanks heaps for offer. I'll call around and see what my options are first, as far as pick up / on site goes anyway.
    If it's only going to be $50 or something that'll probably save a bunch of messing around.

    Knowing my luck I'll change the tyres and get a puncture the next week.
    Is there something about motorcycle tyres that make them easier to puncture? Softer compounds for grip?
    Only had 1 puncture in my car in the 5~ years I've been driving and it's at 130,000km. Bike is at 16,500km and it's on its second.

    * Just remembered I got a year of RACV roadside assist with the bike purchase. Maybe they can do the towing part for me.
  19. Powerhouse Motorcycles in Pakenham saving the day again. They have Pilot Road 4's in stock at a reasonable price, and will pick up the bike for $20.
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  20. I seriously doubt that most tyre sellers will take the risk of repairing a tyre that has already got one plug in it.
    Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something?