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[VIC] Pub Crawl, Fri Apr 13th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Added to Calendar by: eswen

    Bring your drinking glasses kids, we're hitting the town!
    Meet at "e55" (down stairs, 55 elizabeth st) around 7.30 (leaving 8.30ish) before we embark to a few different venues (most free entry). Look for the nerds with a netrider sign or email me for ...

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  2. someone pls lock or delete this thread?
  3. Awwww how sweet….your doing a pub crawl just for me….on my birthday and all! I do feel loved after all!
  4. Hmmm.. That's on poor week.

    I shall have to see what I can do!
  5. No go for me, I have to work on Saturday :cry:
  6. i mite have to work friday too... thought i posted it saturday... oops? someone can you change? kthnxbye
  7. Look out Melbourne. :!: :p
  8. I'm there now. where the fcuk are you all. Do I have to wait 2 weeks.
  9. See you guys there. :p
  10. I dont play around when it comes to drinking.

    I always put in 110% effort.

    Cya THere Kids.

  11. I plan to drink in moderation as to not irritate my fellow townsfolk :cool:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.