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[VIC] PTW Strategy in action?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by titus, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. Well, my first thought was "Here we go again - more road space taken away from motorcycles", but then I read the details. Yes there are new cycle lanes in Sydney road through Brunswick and Coburg, but instead of grabbing the space between parked cars and tram lines, this time they are putting the lanes in the parking lane and proposing it be used only during clearway times.
    This I like. For once they are not simply trying to encourage even the most unconfident cyclists onto the busiest arterials. It appears to be intended to take experienced cyclists off the nearby Upfield path during commuting times. I would love to think that Vicroads actually considered the impact on powered two wheelers in making this decision, but maybe it was a fortuitous oversight. Perhaps someone can enlighten me?

    The accompanying new 40kmh limit may make motorcycling a bit tedious, but after all this is Sydney Road which never exceeds 30kmh at the best of times. At least we can admire ourselves in the shop windows...

    Whatever, this is the way forward IMHO.
  2. 40 km/h limits? what rubbish is that... have they dropped the speed of school zones to 20?
  3. Lilley think before you speak please.
    This is Melbourne not Sydney and the 40 kmh zone in that area is a blessing in disguise as it is in some of the worst shopping zones and pedestrians are known to just pop out of everywhere, not to mention trams etc.
    By imposing a speed limit of 40 in that area they have RAISED the limit as traffic rarely goes above 30.
  4. Corretto Smee. 40 limit is effectively meaningless in Sydney road, and it's one place it would actually be justified.
  5. I'm with Smee and Titus on this one. The 40 zones in Collingwood, Fitzroy, Richmond, and along Sydney Rd are actually useful. They are all on roads with heavy tram and foot traffic, and usually quite a few pubs scattered along the street as well. I think they are designed to stop pedestrian collisions with cars, but I think that it helps wake the drivers up a bit at the same time.
  6. It's been a long time since I've travelled over 30kph on Sydney Rd and those other spots mentioned..
    It's almost full of traffic 24hrs these days.
  7. The speed limit there is moot.

    In regards to the new lanes and what not, I'll have to ride over and check it out, been a long time since I lived over that side of the world!
  8. Totally disagree about the speed limit. I commute against the traffic, and often work back late. Riding inbound at night is just ridiculous at 40km/h, so I've switched to Nicholson st.

    Glad the bike lane has been done better though, holds some hope for the future.
  9. Thats what I was thinking when I wrote it. If the traffic doesn't go above thirty then it doesnt matter if the limit is 60 does it? so when the road is free and clear and 60 is quite manageable and perfectly safe, it is still an option. How does dropping the limit to 40 make it better?

    I also forgot that certain roads in sydney are 40, and some special cases are 10.

    And smee, I've never been to melbourne so don't really know what urban sprawl is happening there. But it would be hard pressed to be less organised and more turmoil than sydney.

    Just to get an idea, maps seem to suggest sydney rd is the old hume hwy so I'm expecting it to be equivalent to traffic on through leichardt, ashfield and newtown?
  10. If they got rid of the inappropriate tolls on the Tullamarine freeway traffic would be way down on Sydney road. Congestion was never a problem before tolls.
  11. Yep you're right there, but then add trams to the mix as well.
  12. The problem for powered traffic down Sydney Road is that there are side streets every couple of hundred metres, and traffic turning right at all of them. The trams then sit behind the turning traffic, and in turn block through traffic.

    In truth, clearways are the only answer to congestion on a street like this. during clearway time there is a lane and a half left over next to the tram track. Just enough for one lane of traffic and a bike lane. The important thing in this case is that they could have allocated a half-lane to cycles 24-7 and left trams, cars and motorcycles to fight over the remainder (which is the tram track), a la Brunswick Street. But they didn't.
    I'm not suggesting anyone did it this way purely for the benefit of motorcyclists, but in my heart I would love to believe that the Strategy might have had a little bit of influence in the outcome. The good thing is that cyclists are claiming it as a victory, and for once it's not at the expense of other two-wheelers.
    There are losers - shoppers and shop-keepers - but that was always going to happen.
  13. They have made the bicycle lane fairly narrow and there is still room to filter (with care) in some places. I was worried when it was first announced because a wider bicycle lane would have made things difficult for filtering and I said so at the time to the BV guy (and others) at one of the road space meetings. I doubt that it was that that did it though - I think someone just had an attack of common sense.

    I commute Sydney Road daily - using both car and bike, and sometimes tram. It's made life easier for car drivers because cyclists now stay in the bicycle lane instead of being unpredictable. You do still get the idiots pulling u-turns in peak hour traffic and the "interesting" driving habits of the locals though.

    Paradoxically Sydney Road in peak hour has traffic moving quicker than at the weekends. With no clearway the traffic slows to a crawl on Saturday (all day). Buth then you actually get a faster run on the bike because you can legally use the left lane next to the parked cars.

    The Clearway times though are stupid - till 10.30 in the morning and from 3 to 7 pm in the afternoon it's really bad since it's causing a lot of problems for local businesses.