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[vic] PTR vs ODC racing

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Willzah, May 6, 2009.

  1. dynobike morabb - Anyone been there? is it worth going there to do a major on my bike? and getting the dyno results before and after?

    Edit: changed teh topic read below
  2. Are you riding a 250 because you are still on a restricted licence? If you are save the money and put it towards an upgrade when it becomes time.
  3. He probably wants a carb tune. Not a bad idea on an old bike

    Its not worth doing much else. You could probably eke out a couple of HP with a better flowing exhaust. But the real gains are in the cams and ignition timing, neither of which are easy to do assuming its even possible.
  4. All I will say is hope you got a fat wallet,there are others around which will do a better job at less money
  5. thanks BuellN that was quite a funny read.

    Looks like i wont be taking my bike there. Nah i just dont have the cash to get a new bike, but i know this one needs its major done.

    Hows ODC racing in oakleigh?
  6. All good mate, We kinda tell it like it is there. There is a backyard bloke who used to work for a race team somewhere out near the carribean markets... I will try and remember his name, but the man is a magician when it comes to tuning....... anyone know the bloke im talkin bout and help me out ?
  7. PTR on stud road
    Don't know if I would call Phill a back yarder :shock: but a guru yes.
  8. [Vic] ODC racing?

    Hows OCD racing? anyone been there?

    i cant decide where to go to... OCD is around the corner from me PTR is around the corner from gf house
  9. So where did you go?
  10. havent decided yet
  11. I've used PTR before.

    Magicians!!!!!!!! Nuf said.

    He runs an AUS SBK team, he knows his shit!!!!

    OCD? well, he officially started out on his own a few years ago and there are good reports coming out of his back yard but no first hand experience.
  12. Try 60 degrees in Notting Hill (Mt Waverley).

    Chris is the spanner man there, he came from Redwing Honda well before it went belly up. To say he is meticulous is an understatement and he knows his stuff, he wont cut any corners. They're new on the block and keen to make an impression, so I'm sure they'll look after you.

    OCD are also passionate about working on bikes, but it can take a while to get your bike back.
  13. yea ive heard bout that place in notting hill. apprantly if you spend over 1000 buks there, you get a discount card. and every year if you spend at least 200 buks it keeps it going for the year. includes services
  14. News to me, I'll get back to you on that one.
  15. yea, i think its 10% or 5% dont remember. pretty much if you spend it on services u get discounts as well as buying stuff.

    i dont know about their garage staff though. although i hear if they get enough interest. they might shut shop early on sunday n organise a cruise and bbq
  16. http://www.sixtydegrees.com.au/support/sitepage.asp?Page=Rewards^~^the^Community

    Here we go, you're right. The link gives the details.

    BTW, they don't open on Sundays, but if you're around that way on Saturdays they have a BBQ at close of business @ 1:00pm. Anyone's welcome to drop in, get a free feed and say gidday, it's a good way to meet them and see what they're all about.