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(Vic) P's test. . . Got me P's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by boy biker, May 13, 2008.

  1. hi all just wondering i am going for my bike P's on saturday cant wait to get me ps so then the count down can begin. anyway i was just wondering it is going to rain by this i mean they are forcasting 60% chance of 5 to 10 mls and be windy when i go for my test or this is wat the forcast says anyway so was wondering weather anyone has done it in the wet and can give me any pointers

    On a side note i have ridden in rain and hail (hail isnt fun) and am resoanble aware of how a bike acts under these conditions so any help would be of much help oh and by the way i did search and didnt come across this question.

  2. The simple answer is do everything slower - especially until your tires warm up.
    Your instructor will take into account the weather, and in Vic the test isn't that hard that it should be a major factor.
  3. mate you wont be doing anything outside the bikes capabilities, this goes if you are riding in the middle of summer, or through a hurricane.

    The course should have a speed limit of 25km/h. Which you should only be doing this speed when doing the swerve and the quick stop (which btw they take wet weather stopping distance into consideration).
    When you go out for a ride, you wont be going any faster than 60, unless they take you though some main roads. Even then you shouldnt be sitting on 70, should be thinking of your 3 second gap and slowing the #@$ down.
  4. How different is the Vic P's to NSW? If it's easier can I do my Ps in Victoria then have it transfered to a NSW license?

  5. i did mine in the pooring rain and passed easily. u will be fine. if they give you time to practice ...they wont be to strict on the speed either
  6. You are slightly incorrect there. I did mine in the rain and I talked about this exact point with the instructor. The markings on the ground allow for wet weather, you don't get an extended time to stop if it is wet. This means of course that people that do it in the dry have an advantage.

    My advice is do everything in the test exactly the same. The only thing i would be more conscious of is the quick stop. When you are practicing concentrate particularly hard on this one. One guy during my test locked the front and went down. Instant fail if you do that.

    Good luck
  7. Vic Ps test involves left turn as fast as you safely can, right turn as fast as you safely can. Then a quick stop test which involves a left swerve then stop, a right swerve then stop or a straight line stop - you have to react to a light which tells you which ones to do.

    http://www.ridetek.com.au/licensetesting.htm <--Shows flash animation
  8. Sounds easier than the NSW one. I'm terrified of the thought of doing a tight U turn and the cone weaves (long story).

    Can I take an exam in Vic and transfer the licence to NSW?

    Sorry me no Australian, no understand law very well :?
  9. peaches if ur gonna do that u may aswell do it in QLD so that you can do their funky thing i think its called q-ride or something and jum straight on a bigger bike if u have a full car licence
  10. Hey Slick,

    Yeah I saw that but I don't have a car licence :|

    I should probably just call the RTA to find out if I can do the lic test in Vic and transfer it to NSW. But the RTA gives me the ****s :roll: I guess that's no surprise to many NSW-ers...
  11. Peaches;

    You could (probably) only do the VIC test if you had a VIC learner's permit and were a permanent resident of that state.

    In some respects, I think the NSW test is a better one than the Victorian one... Being able to do a feet-up U-turn and skillful slowriding is more useful and more important than having enough detachment from reality that your brain doesn't try to 2nd-guess a christmas-tree of light signals. ;)
  12. +1 ... and those stupid christmas tree lights cause more peple to stack it bad than the u turn does
  13. I think its pretty easy. I did my L's in the wet(that was only the second day of my riding). I found that at that low speed <30kph and what you would be doing I think it wont make much of a difference. Just ride like normal just be abit smoother with things and you'll b fine...
  14. Exactly.

    boybiker - The wet weather won't be a problem in the test. They take account of it, etc...

    But try not to 'second guess' the randomness of the christmas tree lights. Each time you approach the lights, your mind must be clear of all thoughts; You must flow and follow the path of least resistance, as the river does. The lights are random and cannot be second-guessed.

    What usually screws people up is that they'll be given (say) an emergency stop first, and on their second pass they'll have a left-swerve. So 'obviously' the third pass must be a right swerve, and they'll go on the third pass ready to punch the right handlebar into next week. The light will turn on. They'll reflexively countersteer. Then they'll realise it's an emergency stop signal... and grab a fistful of front brake while the bike's leaning over. Bad idea.

    Approach the test in the most zenlike fashion you can imagine. :grin:
  15. Ok this will sound stupid, but what are these XMas tree lights you gentlemen are referring to?
  16. Three lights beside each other, one is a left arrow, one is a big red stop light and one is a right arrow.

    As you ride towards the lights, the system measures your approach speed (to calibrate the test distance for emergency stops, etc) and then randomly picks one of the instructions after a random time delay.

    You're 'told' to do either a left evasive swerve as tightly as you can, an emergency stop in as short a distance as you can, or a right evasive swerve as tightly as you can.

    You're guaranteed that you will do at least one of each, but since there are four passes and they could be in any order, it's safest to think of it as completely random and do each approach as if it were your first.

    I did my L's and P's in Victoria, which is why I'm more familiar with the VIC test than NSW. :)
  17. yep when i did my first p test. the bloke infront of me panicd locked up his fronts and ruined his brand new gt250r. i did the test straight after in the wet and on a bike i only saw 2mins earlier and took the breaking so easily that i failed a breaking mark by 1 point.

    so whoever is doing the test actually do the 5hr thing instead of just jumping on some akra pos that you have never ridden and doing 1 lap to warm up. its worth wasting a couple more hrs. learn from my cheapness

  18. Whoah. That actually sounds like fun! :grin: I guess I’ve just got a phobia about doing my Ps because I’m not confident on Peaches yet. Will have to take up Tex’s offer for some tuition soon, he’s so helpful!
  19. It is! Especially when you serve hard enough to hear a loud "SKRRRRT!" as one of the CB250's pegs scrape across the skidpan. :grin: Very rewarding.

    Well, there's nothing to force you to take the test until you're ready to take it - With practice, you will become confident with riding and slow-riding, and then you will take the test and laugh mightily at how easy it all is. But until that day... more practicing. :)
  20. thanks for all ya replys peoples ya ill try and just thing the random lights as just that random and not try and second guess them. ya so im got em booked and everything for sat moring at nine am cant wait to get them then only a year to go