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[VIC] Protest against the $54 anti-bike tax 1PM today

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Zorba, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. On Tuesday, October 3, 2006, at 1 pm there will be a PROTEST RALLY at
    Parliament House in Melbourne.

    Apologies for the short notice but I only just found about it myself.

    Hope to see a bunch of you there.

  2. Who is this organised by ?? Is there any other details ??
  3. intended on going can't get the time off work... why on a tuesday
  4. Jesus, that IS short notice.

    Who's running it?
  5. shit a brick.
    more notice and I would have been there with bells on.
  6. Im up for it
  7. Me too :)

    Cyas there
  8. It's organised by Vic's good Mate :grin:
  9. does Vic have mates :rofl:
  10. It's everybody's favourite Brown-leather wearing mini-Mussolini who's organised it :p :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Even if I left now, I still wouldn't make it in time :(
  12. the organiser is
    Damien Codognotto OAM
    Protest Organiser 03 9846 8612

    got a flyer on my bike

    i will be here
  13. saw the flyer today, will walk up, 2 blocks from work :cool:
  14. Damien and Vic.

    The tax issue will be incidental. :LOL:
  15. Seany's random question list. :)

    What is the purpose of the protest? Abolish the levy or spend it on something more useful than sandpaper?

    Why today? What is the reason behind the time? Is it designed to cause a disruption to a major event or is it standing on it's own because the organisers believe the issue has the strength to be noticed without interfering with other events?

    Were there any recent discussions with the government leading up to this protest? What was the outcome of those meetings?

    If DC is organising it, is the MRA involved? If the MRA is not involved, is DC stating that they are or that he represents the MRA?
  16. I expect I will be skipping this rally unless those Q's were answered well and truly in advance Seany.

    It is an election year, I would expect that this sort of thing is just another stunt so that some MP can get on the tele.

    The fact that it hasn't been said to be anything more than that indicates that Im right.
  17. This is the email i received a few days ago:

    On October 3, 2006, at 1 pm there will be a PROTEST RALLY at
    > Parliament House in Melbourne. The Victorian Premier, Steve Bracks,
    > has been invited but he hasn't replied. So he gets the message that
    > the $54 TAC tax should be abolished, and for those who can't make the
    > rally, we are running an email campaign right up to the November 25
    > State election.
    > Below is a form email. Make any alterations you think are appropriate
    > and send it to:
    > steve.bracks@parliament.vic.gov.au
    > cc it to:
    > terence.mulder@parliament.vic.gov.au and
    > denis.napthine@parliament.vic.gov.au .
    > Subject: AXE THE TAX BRAX.
    > Premier Bracks,
    > Your unfair TAC tax on the motorbike & scooter
    > community has failed its' road safety aims. Bike casualties rise while
    > you grimly reap the tax and increase the restrictions. You entirely
    > removed motorbikes & scooters from the Victorian Transport Strategy.
    > You fail to fund the Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council (VMAC).
    > Give VMAC the resources from general revenue and the authority it
    > needs to reduce rider casualties statewide. Riders are legitimate,
    > taxpaying road users who deserve recognition and funding comparable to
    > bicyclists ($7.2 million plus each year). Motorbikes & scooters
    > benefit everyone. They help solve pollution, congestion and
    > productivity problems. 280,000 plus Victorians hold a licence to ride
    > a motorcycle. That number is growing steadily. We won't go away. We
    > all vote.
    > If the discriminatory $53.90 TAC tax stays your Government will not
    > get my vote at the November 25, 2006, election.
    > Name ........................... Post code ...................
  18. Sheesh, little Johnny gets blamed for everything :roll

    I can understand why Labor supporters wouldnt want to support a rally like this.

    Embarrasing for them that ALP governments, both State and Federal, have historically been anti-motorcycling. The Greens arent much different.

    Anyway, thats your cross to bear not mine, I'm off to the protest ...
  19. The levy has been spent on some worthwhile projects

    My questions are, If the levy is removed
    a) does VR's funding get increased
    b) Does the VMAC still have input into where the motorcyle safety
    money is used
    I may be cynical but I think it may have something to do with Lib Pollies being available

    MRA is not involved and we are not allowed to attend :grin:
  20. The state opposition was there, the media where there, the sun was out, schoolgirls where cheering, Ted Baillieu spoke, the issues are the tax and wire rope barriers, all appeared effective for a quick lunchtime protest & media opportunity.