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[VIC] Proposed Changes to Road Safety Regulations

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by VCM, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. Just got an email from Vic Roads:

    After a brief look at the changes, I breathe a sigh of relief NOT to find any mention of 'front plates'

    Of interest to us is:

    A child under eight is not allowed to travel as a pillion passenger on a motorcycle. However they are still allowed to travel in a sidecar.

    A sidecar can only carry the number of passengers for which it was designed.

    Animals can’t be carried on the petrol tank or between the rider and handlebars of a motorcycle (provision to exempt farming activities).

    A registration label can now be mounted on or next to a motor cycle’s number plate.

    More Info here:
  2. I've only just moved mine from the number plate to the chain guard. It had been there since it came out of the shop in Aug. last year.

    I just went to the site to try to find the current regulations to see where it can legally go but the search is broken. If you know and don't mind, what are the current rules on registration label placement?
  3. From memory, it must be fitted to the LHS of the bike. (eg swingarm)
    OR to the left side handlebar :shock: strange eh
  4. Hmmm… I have had my rego in this location for the last… 4 years at least…
    Oh well
  5. Just for info, all the Road Regulations are being updated in Victoria. They have the updates on their website.
  6. From Vicroads
  7. Never had any of mine anywhere else ever. Didn't really think it was a problem. Seen heaps like it too. Always thought the ones on the side were a bit dumb as the rear light number illuminator also illuminated the rego plate as well. Good to know I will be legal at last.
  8. i can only assume they don't mean sticking te actually sticker 'over' the number plate :|
  9. Go back and read my post of the actual rules, where it says:
    "in a way that the characters on the number plate are not obscured"
  10. I'm glad we have experts out there to determine this kind of thing for us. I wouldn't know what to do without them. :roll:
  11. The registration label placement has been a sore point for many years. It's been the one the cops use to book people when they just want to be pr1cks.

    I've had many many complaints from riders who have been booked for that over the years.

    It's been raised several times at VMAC meetings and at last they've decided to use some common sense!
  12. Killjoys :wink:
  13. They don't need to book you for that to be pricks...

    Anyway, you'd reckon that placing it on the numberplate would make it easier for them to read. For example, mine is on the left pillion peg bracket. And when the bike's parked and on the sidestand the copper would have to crouch to read it. If on the plate it would be easier.

    And there is no safety or other issues with either having a rego sticker or its placement. It's just another "cos we can" thing to book people with, to ensure obedience and compliance.
  14. ive always wondered how they enforce these rules as 8yos dont have their own drivers licences. I had a batmobile drivers card when i was 8 but i dont think they accept that as ID
  15. The original intent was to make sure a police or parking officer could see
    the label from the kerb without having to step out into traffic.

    I think that should sensibly include the rear mudflap/numberplate location
    as well as the front and left side of the bike.
  16. I carry my rego label under my pillion seat, when pulled over last time and the cop asked if it was registered I said "sure it's just under the seat" to which he responded "that's fine, as long as you can produce it when asked" :) So, under the seat it stays for me :cool:
  17. I know draft legislation is not law, but I've moved my rego label to the numberplate already - looks much better.

    The same way they do with seatbelts, I imagine. The driver is required to ensure all passengers under the age of 16 wear a seatbelt. If they aren't, it's the driver who is penalised (that's how I remember it, anyway).
  18. Yeah, I know, and it's crap. Most bikes are parked facing either outwards or at least parallel with the traffic. Having it on the number plate means merely looking at it from one side (the kerb side) without risking getting hit by moving traffic.

    It's an issue with cars, of course and it's easy to comply with the left lower windscreen requirement. But on a bike, it (to me at least) makes more sense to place it where it's easiest to read.
  19. If anybody needs me, I'll be outside fixing my label to the RIGHT side of the bike. :-w
  20. "but im his dad, how am i meant to know how old he is? i swear its been at least 8 years"
    & if he had an older brother, id just pretend they were each other.