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[VIC] Proposal to make Inner Melbourne 40kp/h

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Thera, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. as reported on The Age website.

    I am not sure how this would be an improvement over 50 zones, when on some main roads the school zones are 60km/h.
  2. I think it would cause lots of confusion.
  3. It will make bugger all difference going from 50 to 40.

    You only need to drive along Chapel street where it is now 40 and its even more dangerous that it was when it was 60.

    Stupid pedestrians now think that they can just step out into your path and because you are doing 40 you will be able to stop in time.

    Honestly, If I had a 4WD with a bull bar, I'd bolt a camera on the front and go pedestrian hunting then send the footage to Harold Scrubie and ask him to set it as his screensaver.
  4. hehehe vic. classic.

    Imho I think this would make the back streets a lot more dangerous... Most of the so called thoroughfares don't even get to the posted limit, rat racers running through suburbia(i.e. Carlton) will just get more frequent.
  5. guys, its backed by the heart foundation and arthritis foundation, they know what theyre doing

    so people are going to have their eyes plastered on the speedo now. the difference between 40 and 50 is like a sneeze on the throttle
  6. they really should be educating people that walking out with out looking is dangerous.

    Also the CBD of melb is 30km (well swanston st at least)

    I believe this will actually increase pedestrian accidents, people will just go its ok they are doing 40km/hr and i can just walk out in traffic.
  7. When I saw the thread title, my first thought was, "how are they going to get the traffic going that fast in Melbourne's cbd?"
  8. The Minister, Tim Pallas, made a statement that there would be no blanket 40kmh zones. In fact, there already are. Entire swathes of the inner north (nearly all of North Carlton and North Fitzroy) have been declared '40kmh precincts' by Yarra Council, unnoticed by the State government, and outside of the guidelines and protocols set by Vicroads.
    It would seem to my reading that the Council does not actually have the power to do this, but have gone ahead anyway (this was over two years ago). Perhaps that's why there hasn't been the slightest attempt to enforce it by the police, and what's more, it is almost entirely disregarded by the driving public.
    But make no mistake - the movers of this motion (sic), have already made it clear that it is only the first step, and intend pushing to reduce the limit still further, to universal 30 (or 20) urban limits across the state.
  9. Looks like they're not going to stop until everyone is at walking pace. Technically not moving is the safest option - you know, because, speed kills?
  10. Brumby categrically stated that the current 40 kmh speed limits in the designated areas would not be changed to 30 as some of the numpty organisations advocated because it was finding a "balance of freedom of movement vs safety"