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VIC proposal to bring in double demerit periods

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TP, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. Tony,

    Please drop your strides and direct your nether regions to Ken Lay when you see him next on my behalf regarding this proposal.
  2. Link please
  3. Hmm, given that it's only being proposed for offences of 3 demerit points or more, and only on public holidays - I don't see the problem.
    It's not like it's that hard to simply not do anything particularly illegal on the roads for a few days a year.
  4. Obstructed number plate is 3 demerit points
    You really want that doubled on a weekend because its dirty?
  5. And it's a proposal of dubious value.
  6. Well that's a problem with a stupidly high penalty for a minor offence, not double demerits.
  7. That is pretty disappointing. So were the comments on that news article. So many people are misinformed about that value and effect of short term severe punishment for minor offenses, let alone the idea of doubling demerit points over the long term.

    Very, very disappointing, and if implemented, wouldn't achieve anything positive at all.
  8. Sorry, that should read:

    Just yesterday I had the dubious pleasure of watching a highway crash unfold in front of my eyes (and my KTMs front wheel!). I watched a newish Subaru Outback laden with mother and kids spear off a dead straight road for no apparent reason, hit a ditch, roll and slam into a tree. Thank Christ all were relatively okay, at least by the time we got them out, but it was a big, big hit.

    Whatever the reason was, I'll never know, but the very first cop on the scene was loudly telling everyone - before he had even unbuckled his seat belt - that 'speed is the problem!'. I saw everything and I can tell you it had nothing to do with it.

    The 'problem' is that in the real world, shit just happens, sometimes without explanation, and the police and everyone else are powerless to do anything about it. Their response it to treat everyone - especially the 63,000 they are about to hammer, as criminals.

    It JUST DOESN'T WORK!!! :evil:
  9. We've had this in WA for several years, applying to speed and seat belt related offences. You'd be hard pushed to spot any statistically significant improvement in the crash figures.
  10. I'm desperately trying to resist the temptation to reply to some of those comments on the site. "Those of you with 10 or more offences... are unsafe drivers..."

    I figure it's no use arguing, it won't change anything.
  11. And that is exactly the type of information I expected to see Pat.
  12. Some of that stinks like a pile of crap... but the aboloshing of mandatory sentences and allowing community work type sentences... now that has merit.
  13. I posted a comment on that story earlier this morning (on the Hun site) - for some reason it wasn't published. :roll:

    It was to the effect that the varience between holiday periods and other periods is statistically insignificant. Not only that - with the increase in traffic it may be that when you consider vehicle kilometres traveiled the crash rate might be less. There is no good solid evidence for or against double demerits.

    Where there have been decreases it could equally be due to the visibly increased policing - most studies of any sort of crime show that it's the possibility of being caught that's the deterrent and not the punishment. If it was about punishment being a deterrent then there would never have been a need for the First Fleet... :LOL:
  14. And any increase in accidents could well be due simply to people driving longer distances than they're used to on unfamiliar roads - rather than an increase in "dangerous" driving behaviour.

    I'm hoping that if they could meet their quota faster during double-demerit periods they might put less effort in during normal time periods.
  15. :LOL: your so funny JD :LOL:

    if i was running it (and probably the people that are are thinking the same) is that if they find they are meeting there quota faster i would simply up the qouta, equals more money :wink:

    yep it will do jack, but as it is I spend a few long weekends i spend in nsw anyway so i already have to deal with it :(
  16. Ahh yes but you can only catch more people during years where the crash fatalities are low - so you can take credit for it. Catch more without a decrease and people might start asking questions ;).
  17. They can question all they like, but what can they do? Both parties will support the police view, the police will simply recite their 'speed kills' mantra until all thought is dead, and the new status quo will remain in place forever more.

    Once it's in, it's in forever. The only possible strategy is to make the government of the day think there may be a backlash at the next election.
  18. Works in NSW. Well, sometimes. There was a period last year where NSW had no fatalities over a long weekend that had Victorians killing each other left right and centre.

    I'd take demerit points over the f*cking stupid unmarked speed cameras down here any and every day of the week.

    Bear in mind that in NSW DD is just for seatbelts and speeding offences.
  19. Double demerits plus hidden speed cameras plus camo-coppers hiding in the bushes... They can all get f*cked.

    The reason more people crash on long weekends.... Is that most people never drive out in the country unless it's a long weekend. It's the only time of the year that they have to be in a car for 4,5,6 hours straight, the only time they have to drive on country freeways at night, the only time they have to drive windy roads.

    Plus, it's the only time most people put serious miles on their cars - instead of a 20km commute, they do 1000km in a weekend. More miles = more crashes. In fact the crash rate per mile probably DROPS.

    Double demerits are a f*cking stupid idea, just another way to whack innocent drivers over the head.