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[VIC] Probationary Licence & Learner Permit...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by NuXnug, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. finally recieved my motorcycle (MC) learner permit in the mail on friday from vic roads.

    My mc learner permit doesn't mention motorcycle anywhere on the permit, besides "Prmit Type - R" which i assume means "Restrictions" (ie. lams/BAC/no pillion etc).

    My Prob car license (obtained couple years ago) atleast says "License type - car"...but obviously wouldn't mention anything about my newly found 'legal-ability' to ride motorcycle

    **NOTE: Both permits have the exact same permit number.

    Does this mean by holding either one or the other license (P-car license or L-mc permit) while driving or riding is acceptable to atleast have in possession one of these cards to be considered holding relevent documentation ?

    For example: if i was pulled over for a random check etc. on my MC, would holding my Probationary car license be valid identity and documentation to state my ability to be riding the MC im on ? (because they effectively relate to the same permit because of the 'permit number')
  2. I was told that the new one replaces the old one and you should not use the old one any more.
  3. i see, i see...i understand what you saying.

    my only debate is, even though, both cards effectively represent to different things they both 'link' to the same records and accounts of my 'identity', (being my feasibility to drive and ride) by having the same permit number.

    so if i was checked driving with my MC learner permit, wouldn't they check my records of the same permit number on their computer ?