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(Vic) Preston race school/fun day 27th Nov

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Hey Guy's,

    The next Preston Motorcycle Club race school / fun day is planned for the 27th November. Everyone that has attended these days absolutely love's them. You get many of Victoria's top racers donating their time to help sport minded riders.

    As per previous schools, spectators can sit in on the suspension classroom sessions as well as any of the three level riding school sessions. You just need to be paid up with a bike to get out on the track on a bike.

    Following is the club flyer ...

    It's on again, one of the best events for anyone wanting to improve skills or get a taste of some tips in preparation for racing.

    When: Sunday 27th November 2011
    Where: State Motorcycle Complex, Strath Creek Road Broadford.

    The following groups are to be confirmed.

    There will be 3 different groups:


    For riders never having ridden on a track before or not wanting to risk throwing their bike down the road. No passing inside or outside in corners.


    Experienced track day riders and novice racers wanting to get on the pace.


    For experienced racers and (very) fast ride day riders looking for that extra half second.

    If you're a PMCC member and hold a current race license: Entry Fee - $120

    If you're not a member:
    One Day Rec Lic + PMCC Membership -
    Entry Fee - $180 (this includes 12 months membership with PMCC)

    Or if you're already a member
    One Day Rec Lic - $140

    Lunch is also included on the day.

    Full leathers and gear are a must. Either a one piece or two piece that zip together and a back protector. Bikes also need to be in check and will be scrutineered on the morning.

    For further information or to book,
    Contact: Susan Edwards 03 9372 3388 or Mobile 0408 488 353
    email secretary@prestonmcc.com.au

    Entries Close last mail Tuesday 22nd November 2011.
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  2. Cool have done the last 2 of these and they are great fun,i was hopeing that it would be in october as i am doing the island early november 14 &15th,wonder what reaction i will get from the Mrs 3 track days in one month.
  3. i'll be there again in the advanced class.
  4. Whoo Hooo! Looking forward to it JohnnyO!
  5. I might try and make this one...if I don't go on the track, happy to help out with flag marshal...will speak to Su about it.
  6. MMmmm its been a while since I've ridden Broady, I might come for this.
  7. inners :D. bout time i got some tips on my riding, instead of trying to work it out myself.

    if someone wants to go halves on a trailer or if i could chuck someone some cash to get my bike + me to the track, it would be much appreciated.. im in the south east suburbs aswell..

  8. I'm in.
  9. been looking forward to finally doing one of these... i guess this is it :p
  10. Yippe i'm in again..
  11. I'm in. I might give intermediate a crack.

  12. I think I'd love to have a go at this, will see how I'm going for money in Nov though.

    Will be need back protectors? Will the slow group be appropriate for me if I've never been on the track before or do I want to do some sort of rider training beforehand? (I'm guessing no and yes?)

    I can't wait to get my bike out on the track. :D


    If I am coming I'd probably need help with a trailer. I have a commodore and can rent a bike trailer, you're welcome to a spot, I think they hold three bikes. But wouldn't mind some tips on driving with a trailer since I've never done it. Or if you have a car that can tow I'd be happy to go halves on a trailer/petrol.
  13. I have a voucher for a ride day...does anyone know if it can be used for this?
  14. Is it a Preston Motorcycle Club voucher? or just a ride day voucher from Champions or the like?
  15. No worries, the Novice group will be perfect for you, don't worry if you don't have a back protector, you don't need one to be able to ride.

    The Novice group will have some pre-ride instruction, if you don't feel you've had enough help, ask for me and I'll either assist you myself or I'll introduce you to an instructor for some one-on-one.
  16. TBH I have NFI where its from...LMFAO

    The wife got it for me for my birthday...I think it might be red balloon BUT it is for Broadford
  17. Then I am unsure to be honest.
  18. Thanks mate, I hope I can make this one sounds like it will be a great day.
  19. I'll be in for sure, just back from Overseas and I'm so pumped to get back on track you've got no idea. I recon my brother will be in too. Intermediate I recon.
  20. wish i could help with the tips mate lol, i have only ever driven a car for 30 mins so havent got a license. still on the car learners. maybe with a bit of luck someone else may need a trailer spot and we can get 3 bikes on thereand maybe someone who is confident with a trailer? im not fussed either way