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[VIC] Preston MCC subsidised race school day, Sun Feb 1st

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Loz

    Preston Motorcycle Club are putting on another subsidised beginners race school/fun day at Broadford circuit on Feb 1.

    These days are put together at a considerable loss to the club, and offer riders a chance to get out on the track with the support...

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  2. A beaut day, looking forward to the day when I've got the spare bucks to get along to one of these. It's got to be the cheapest race school in town.
  3. only the best for you guys mate.....

    PMCC really does it well.

    It is the club's contibution to the development of the sport.
    The skills taught are very good for the road too.
  4. Yayyyyy!!!!! it's a Sunday, come on guys, this'll be good, Broadford is a good track to go to for your first time at a track, I think it is a must before going to the Island.

    The track is only 1 hour from Melbourne, and you'll get free tuition from experienced racers at no charge. Even if you don't want to ride on the track, for what ever reason, come along and sit in on the classroom theory for free!

    I will be there for this one.
  5. I ws hoping to go there to take some photos, but I will be away that day for 2 weeks.

    Pity. next time
  6. Hi Everyone
    What a good idea and cheap one too.

    IM seriously thinking of going ,any interest?

    :) wal
  7. I'll highly recommend it if you want to get into racing, gain some more experience in riding or to just have a bit of fun. I went to the last one and that was great fun. Learned new techniques in riding, honed some skills and also feel more confident in riding.

    You'll meet fun and experienced people who you can ask advice from. You will no doubt have a good time, even if it's a 250cc. Assuming you already have all the necessary track gear, this is very cheap for what it is and money well spent in my opinion.

    I went there with my Suzuki Across and that gave me heaps of fun even though the bigger bikes were flying past me down the straights.

    Too bad I can't make it to this one :(.

    phong =P~
  8. [Too bad I can't make it to this one :(.

    phong =P~[/quote]

    Sorry you cant make it,
    Thanks for the info,made my mind to definitely go.
    Maybe all interested party could meet at MACCA syd road Campberfield ,
    just an idea? :) wal
  9. Sorry you cant make it,
    Thanks for the info,made my mind to definitely go.
    Maybe all interested party could meet at MACCA syd road Campberfield ,
    just an idea? :) wal[/quote]

    No problem, just a couple of more pointers, if you plan on riding up...make sure you have plenty of water as well as money to fill up...unless you have a jerry can ;).

    I had to go refill on that day at the local petrol station half way through the day...wasn't far to ride, but just meant you had to remove all the gaffa tape and ride to the servo haha.

    phong =P~
  10. I'm really keen to do this! I don't have full leathers though and will have to be on the 250 - I assume 250's are acceptable?
  11. 250cc is fine, though you will need full leathers, bike boots, gloves and helmet to go on track. Hate to say it, but no full leathers = no ride.

    phong =P~
  12. HI Phong

    Thanks for the pointer about water and fuel.

    Have you by any chance their phone number so i can book the day and pay.

    Appreciate your help :) wal
  13. Hi Wal,

    Sorry I don't have their contact number, I used to chase it up through their website, but for some reason i can't even get into their website :?.

    Contact Su (Garfield) via a PM. She'll be able to point you in the right direction.

    Also, I think you just need to contact them to tell them you'll be attending. You can pay when you get there...that's what I did last time and it was all good.

    phong =P~
  14. THANKS MATE :)
  15. No problemo

    phong =P~
  16. To do this ride/school day, does your bike have to be road registered?
  17. Do they have leathers to rent at the track?
  18. Rego, not required for the racetrack.

    Leathers, none for rent. Organize your own.
  19. HI Everyone

    I managed to book the day ,for ANYONE interested
    Ring francis on 0413622079 :) wal
  20. Good on you :D. You'll have a ball.

    phong =P~