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[VIC]"Power" people who ride bikes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by rodericb, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. I heard on the radio just before (3AW, Neil Mitchell talking to Prem Brumby) that Deputy Premier Rob Hulls rides a Vespa to work (!). Brumby went on to say that Rob Hulls would like to see more people riding them to ease congestion and reduce pollution. And also walking but that's nowhere near as fun as riding :p

    Anyway, scooter or bike hopefully he wields a bit of clout to help motorcyclists causes.

    Are there any other parlimentarians or local councillors who ride bikes?
  2. Well there's always Brendan Nelson.

    Get in quick though. He's an endangered species :grin: .
  3. I thought Neil Mitchell was anti bikes? Has he come around?
  4. Whether or not he is Anti bike, he is Pro Sucking up to whoever is in power, as are almost all radio personalities.
  5. Yeah, I've heard Neil Mitchell really hook into bikes in the past (like last week). I think he's a bit against bikes (hooning and having crashes types) but he seems to be neutral on scooters and non-hooning bikes.

    There is a Perth City Council councillor (Linda Scaffidi) who has been riding a 50cc scooter for a couple of years now. Not Vic related but I think she is putting some time into getting better motorcycle parking in Perth city and they're looking at what Melbourne City Council does with bike parking.
  6. Neil Mitchell has come round somewhat since a few years ago when he was totally anti-bike. JK and Dale Maggs have done a lot to soften his attitude in recent years. I think a couple of his staff now ride which helps.

    He is opinionated but has been known to listen sometimes. It doesn't hurt that his counterpart on ABC Radio 774 - John Faine - has a good collection of bikes. And the ABC evening show host - Derek Guille - rides a scooter to work (and often talks about it).
  7. There's a fairly well known non-local governor that does:

  8. I heard that too, Rod. The sadest thing was the premier being so dismissive about bikes/scooters to relieve congestion and pollution.

    Brendan Nelson does, like pat said, but I don't think he'll be around long either!