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(VIC) Post lams best first bike? and pricing...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by noobrider, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Hey guys im about to get my L's and was told i should wait till after Lams come in to purchase my first bike as it will open options and also change the current value of many of the 250's...
    Whats your take on this? will there be a better starting bike? and how much do you think the prices will be altered?

  2. I was in a similar position a month or so ago..

    The price of 250s MIGHT go down slightly, but it's unlikely because there really aren't that many choices above 250cc and as we can see, not much price change has happened in the NSW and other LAMS states

    The fastest learner bike you can get is probably the cb400 or ducati monster 600/620

    I personally think the best road bike choices are (from cheapest to dearest):
    bandit 250, vtr250, 08 ninja 250, GS500/f, CB400, monster 600/620

    The only bike i've never tried there is the monster, but it looks amazing

    If you do travel on freeways a fair bit though, you would probably want something bigger than a 250 after a few weeks of riding

    Depends on how much you want to spend really
  3. Trying to think about the fact that i don't want something so fast to learn on that i will go ahead and do something stupid, but i also like my speed and don't want to get bored...
  4. Prices will change a little, but not a lot.

    As much as people rip on them, 250's will still be pretty handy, and they will remain the best learner bikes for most riders.

    There aren't too many lam's bikes that are both learner friendly, and offer anything major over a VTR250.
    GS500, Hyo GT650 etc... are fine bikes, but not really substantially better than some of the 250 alternatives.

    I'd buy a nice 250 now and not worry too much, unless you're really keen on any specific larger bike.

    Greatest Lam's bikes imo: SZR660, VFR400, DR-Z400sm

    The DR-Z400sm is the perfect learner bike if you can handle the seat height. Good but not scary performance, dead easy to ride, handling +, will shrug off minor drops and slides, just a touch of the hooligan in it.
  5. fastest LAMS is a VFR400, they are usually stupid pricey, up to the 8-10k mark, u can get a whole new bike for that...........

    but if its speed u r after, go the VFR,
    looks prestige, and wank factor, u want the Duke
  6. A few more good learner bikes to throw in there would be an Across, Spada, the ZZR and GPX250
  7. a good 250 is no slouch. i think you should testride bikes and see what is right for you. something that is right for you may not feel right for another person.

    my 2.5 cents
  8. Like you, I'm also monitoring post-LAMS prices, but it's early days yet in VIC, and I don't think the effects are going to hit for another 6 mths at the earliest.

    But looking at NSW, RGV250s & similar 2 stroke 250s which are no longer LAMS-legal have fallen in price compared to VIC - $2-2.3k for a 91-93 RGV250.
  9. Yeah, those 2 stroke 250s will likely fall, but I think few here would recommend them for a beginner anyway.

    In terms of which is the best bike, there's no absolute best, there's only 'best for you'. So if you can tell us things like how tall you are, what you weigh (a category like small, medium or large is fine if that's a sensitive topic!), whether you'll be doing a lot of commuting in traffic or more freeway riding, whether the bike will be your sole means of transport or just something for weekend fun... then probably better advice can be given. A rough budget, after setting aside at least a grand or so for gear, would be helpful too.

    And I don't recommend getting a brand new bike as a beginner, unless you're absolutely loaded with cash and need to get rid of some.
  10. The new 250 Ninja is the best bike for any learner; if you are an experienced dirt bike/motocrosser, maybe a larger 400 single (eg DRZ400SM) might be a better option. And that's from someone that works in a Yamaha dealership!
  11. thanks for all the posts!
    Yeah i should have said some info on me...
    im about 5 10" or so, slim/average build.
    i kinda do like the look of a sports bike (looks wise) although i should really go start sitting on some bikes at a few stores or something and decide if i like the feeling sitting on one. i usually have pretty good balance. (used to ride a pushbike commuting ALOT) and learn quickly... the current bikes i had listed to possibly go sit on and look at prices etc were:
    CBR250RR, GPX250, ZZR250, 08ninja, vtr250, this was before i read about lams though... (so none higher than 250).
    I must admit i do like to go fast and would get bored with something too sluggish, i would use to ride to work/uni and also for some longish cruises on racy roads and cool places with bends.
    I have about 7-9k to play with and spend on bike and and gear etc... (would rather use less though if possible)
    sorry for long post :p...
    keep em coming
  12. I think the best LAMS bike is the new CB400 - check out the thread about it on the same forum... it is also one of the most expensive LAMS bikes but so it goes. Ducati Monster is, I think, no longer made in the LAMS-approved 620cc version so CB400 is now the king of the hill :)
  13. Then look at a Suzuki bandit GSF250(V). Its the bike im looking it. Its pretty quick for a 250 and apparently holds its own on the twisties and on the freeway. Its a 4stroke and inline 4. Should set you back $3500-$5000 if that.
  14. Correction.... RVF400

    Don't buy yourself a VFR400 and think you can register it as LAMs.
  15. Don't be too hasty to judge until you've ridden a few. Even a 250 still has a higher power/weight ratio than pretty much anything you'd be legally allowed to drive as a p-plater.
    Take your time and learn to corner first, then worry about straight line speed.
  16. ye good point jd, although i wasnt thinking of stright line speed! i hate dragging much prefer finese in cornerrs[/quote]
  17. Dont forget about the fzr250. i rode one on my learners and i loved every minute of it.
  18. Well, I just sold my GS at asking price, and w/out even having to advertise! All done by word of mouth! I reckon GS500s are being snapped up with the new LAMs regs, and quite proper too, as theyv are fantastic bikes for the new/newly returned biker.
  19. Yea, id probably go a gs500 if it were me.

    That being said my suzuki across 250 served me well and the trunk meant i could take my lunch to work without a backpack! Could even go shopping with the thing :)
  20. the biggest misconception newbies are having is a new LAMS 500cc+ bike, call it a "big" LAMS bike, is going to go harder than a 250, and that they'll be able to hang onto it after their restriction period is up.

    a few things to ponder:

    a "big" LAMS bike will be no faster than a good 250 with the same power to weight.

    a good 250 will be lighter, less intimidating, and easier to ride, not to mention the cornering/braking advantages of a lighter bike.

    a budget priced "big" LAMS bike will be just that. budget brakes, suspension, handling and performance.

    lastly, after doing your minimum 15 months (in vic) on restrictions. be it on a 250 or a limp wristed, heavy, "big" LAMS bike, you'll want to experience something decent. you'll sell the bike and buy something better.

    so, in my honest opinion... the bike you learn on should be cheap, reliable, and easy to ride. once you've done your time, upgrade to something that's not a compromise in any way, and enjoy riding it!